Why Do Olive Leaves Turn Yellow?

Olive Leaves Turn Yellow

Many farmers complain about the yellowing of olive leaves, and this is due to many reasons, which are as follows:
The main reason for yellowing olive leaves is due to lack of nitrogen in the soil. The reason for this deficiency is the high temperature and the activity of living organisms in the soil such as bacterial insects, fungi and worms. These insects consume nitrogen in the soil for their reproduction, and this is something that makes the soil deficient in this element, and yellowing of the leaves of the tree is one of the symptoms of nitrogen deficiency on the tree.

Another important reason is the lack of chlorophyll, which causes yellowing of the leaves. This is due to lack of fertilization, so an organic and compound fertilization program must be developed, and the least that can be done is:
In January and February, the tree is fed with natural manure (cow, cattle and chicken dung) decomposed with a quantity of fertilizer, preferably 21 NPK: A circle is dug away from the stem and we put the natural fertilizer, then we mix it with fertilizer chemical, then put soil on it and water it with water. The same thing we try to do in May or June and in September or October. The amount depends on the age of the tree. And you need to be aware of the element that needs it by analyzing it. As a reminder, you have to focus on the phosphorus element: if you have a deficiency, the olives need it in abundance.
If the leaves are yellow and fall off, this is not a problem, because the olive tree changes leaves every three years.
If its color is pale and tends towards yellowish, it is proof of a deficiency of one of the elements iron and magnesium, it must be sprayed with these elements or by watering
Fungal diseases and spots Peacock eye is one of the diseases that causes yellowing of olive leaves, so copper spraying is recommended immediately after pruning.
Too much watering is one of the reasons
In addition to climatic fluctuations, frost, high soil salinity and lack of good pruning