What to do to keep the family together

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Although it is very important to respect each other’s personal spaces, as well as their time, it is also essential to spend time together sharing hobbies or activities to strengthen ties

The family is the basis of our society and it is the place where each of us grows and is formed as people in all senses of life. However, maintaining strong family ties is a complex task where commitment, respect, and love play a very important role.

At present many things seem to be more important than family and over time we are realizing that values ​​are being lost and the family unit is dispersed. The different world trends, technology, and how society is adapting to changes are the great causes of family disunity.

Considering that the family is perhaps the most important institution in the life of every person, today we leave some tips that can serve to maintain the union of the same.

The following are tips that may not work in all cases. We recommend you go to family therapy if you think you need professional help.

Tips for maintaining family unity

To be happy and enjoy living together as a family, it is important to take into account certain values ​​that will guarantee happiness and union with each of the members of the family nucleus. Having patience, understanding, and commitment is a key part of a good family union.

Know how to listen

Listening is a very important part of every type of relationship, especially when it comes to family. When we pay attention to what our loved ones tell us, we can realize those details that they dislike, those things they are curious about, their fears, and the vision they have of us. It is very important to listen by looking into the eyes, giving the necessary importance, and responding with arguments to everything they tell us.

Learn to speak

We like to give our opinions, complain and talk with our relatives, however in many cases it is difficult to give the floor to others and accept their opinions. As human beings and as a family we must learn to respect the word of others to know more about their points of view and the way they see things. Everyone has the right to express themselves and be heard in due course regardless of whether or not they are right.

Take the floor at the right time

When there are arguments or family problems, we almost always get carried away by the impulses and anger of the moment, and we can express ourselves in an offensive way and without listening to the arguments of others. Sometimes we take the word wrong and use it to argue in a hasty and altered way, this problem can end up disuniting the whole family and later can cause regrets.

Set limits

One of the ways to achieve a good coexistence and family balance is by setting limits that everyone must respect. It is not about prohibiting everything and establishing a strict regime, it is about setting certain rules that teach respect and grow as people always in family unity. When we have children it is important to set limits that guarantee their safety and their own growth, this stage plays a very important role in their learning and their values.

Have patience

Family differences should always be treated with tolerance and patience. Many people are easily upset and this can be a fatal mistake in the family; patience is the key to a good relationship, understanding, communication, and respect. Every day the family puts us many tests to cultivate and measure our patience, as adults we must teach this great value to our children and apply it to give greater confidence among all.

Do family activities

There are many excuses to unite the family and have a good time sharing unique and fun moments for everyone. As a family, we must also get out of the monotony and look for very happy moments where we express ourselves as we like and learn from each other.

Exercising, playing sports, going on a trip, cooking, watching movies, celebrating a special date; are some of the activities that we should practice as a family.

Respect the tastes and spaces of each

As a family, we can be a single nucleus, but we must bear in mind that as we grow we form ourselves as individuals individually after discovering our tastes, interests, and passions. It is very important to learn to tolerate the personality of each one and respect all kinds of tastes, each one has the right to enjoy their space and their preferences as long as they do it in a healthy way where the family is not involved.

Acknowledge mistakes

All of us as people are exposed to making mistakes at any time and in all kinds of relationships. In the family, it is very important to learn to recognize a mistake and to face up when we are aware that we have done something wrong. The family must listen, tolerate, be patient, and give advice so that the mistake is not made again.