Tips On How To Breastfeed Your Baby

Things Every Wife Must Do For Her Husband
Things Every Wife Must Do For Her Husband

There are usually helpful guidelines when remembering what breastfeeding position is best for you and your baby.
Therefore, this is the so-called football field, which is very suitable for mothers who have a C-section or have big breasts.
Therefore, you will walk behind her head with your right hand, place your thumb on one ear and your index finger on the other ear, and then you will hold the breast with your left hand and lift the breast so that the nipple is in line with her nose Flush, then wipe your lips, once she opens, you straighten her.

So Be It?

Make sure she is deep and not hurt. The cross-cradle stays well because you have a lot of control over the baby’s head because the baby doesn’t have a lot of head control in the beginning. So you will hold your left hand and hold the breast, Then put the nose flush with the nipple, stroke her upper lip and nose, and straighten her once she opens. Then, if needed, you can hold this hand and relax it, or you can put your hand there and press the breast to give her a little more milk.