The Most Practices That Destroy The Talent Of Children

In this article, Babyandkids uggested to you 10 most practices that destroy the talent of children:

1) Spanking in The Face

In addition to making the child feel offended and angry, spanking the face kills 300 to 400 nerve cells in the brain. Whereas, vice versa, scanning the head creates new brain cells, and creates new neural networks in the brain, which increases the child’s talent;

2) Electronic Games

It kills social intelligence and linguistic intelligence, and causes brain hemorrhage due to the intense concentration of consuming brain cells prematurely, and when he grows up he loses some skills.
In one city, a special center for victims of electronics: a large number of children are in a coma from electronic games;

3) Mocking the mother in front of her son

Mocking the mother in front of her son causes the child to lean into introversion and fear and to stop sound thinking because the child derives the talent from his mother according to the latest studies

4) Mockery of the child’s ideas

Mockery of the child’s ideas and un-educational commentary on the production and progress he presents, and thus his motivation becomes low

5) The door to dialogue with the child is closed

The door to dialogue with the child is closed from an early age by virtue of wrong customs and traditions, and thus his linguistic and social intelligence is killed
Marginalizing children and ordering them to remain silent and taunting them on occasions, for example

6) Less drinking water, especially during education

The brain is composed of 85% of water. Every forty-five minutes, one must drink a glass of water (a small bottle), and if he does not drink, the body produces involuntary movements (coughing – sneezing – moving the chair – pulling the table ,, it appears to the educator that it creates a disturbance)

7) Not eating breakfast

People who do not eat breakfast will have a low blood sugar level. This leads to insufficient food reaching the brain cells, which leads to their cautious dissolution from fast food

8) Teaching by indoctrination

Teaching by indoctrination and not taking into account the students’ tendencies and abilities

9) Not enabling children to live their normal childhood

Not enabling children to live their normal childhood and drowning them out in educational activities
Graffiti was caused by the inability to free writing in the early years

10) Require the child to minimize his streak in the elementary stage

The big font symbolizes self-confidence and safety
If the line is smaller, it means it will lose these two attributes.