The best tricks to make floors shiny

The final step in any home cleaning is cleaning the floor. Once we have passed a chamois to remove the dust, we have swept, there is no other choice than to take a mop in hand to finish going over the corners and various rooms of every one of the rooms. The truth is that we do not always end up leaving the floors shiny. There are countless products on the market for this task, but in many cases, the result leaves much to be desired.

If you have come this far, it may be because you want to know what you may be doing wrong. First of all, see if you are scrubbing correctly.

How to scrub for shiny floors

First, remove all traces of dust from the floor. For this pass the broom, or if you have a much better vacuum cleaner. It insists on the corners and in conflictive zones. Of course, in the latter case make sure that your type of floor supports it since otherwise, you could end up scratching or damaging it. Next, fill a bucket with water and pour in a cleaning product for the type of floor you have. You can use natural or chemical products, whatever you think may be better for you depending on the moment. When it comes to mopping, there are several types. To make the floors shine we recommend that you use a cloth type that absorbs moisture very well. Also, try to change it every so often, for example, every 10 or 15 days.

Natural or chemical products?

One way to make floors shiny is by pouring white vinegar and baking soda into the bucket. They are very effective natural cleaners and disinfectants. How can you use them? Mix three tablespoons of baking soda with half a glass of vinegar. Then stir this mixture well and pour it into the bucket with water. Mix again so that it binds to the water in the bucket and mops very wrung out.

As we explained above, you can also use a chemical cleaner, but it is important to keep in mind that soapy products can leave marks on the floor. In any case, if you want to use it, apply a small amount. Also, if you want to scrub in-depth, add a toothbrush to your cleaning list. Dip this also in the baking soda and white vinegar mixture to clean the joints. You will see how the floor is spectacular.

If after this you still cannot fully see the shiny floor, try wiping with a soft mop, always after everything has dried. Taking into account all these tips you can enjoy shiny floors for a few days, although of course, only continuous cleaning will allow you to have them very shiny every day. In any case, don’t let it get dirty for too long, as this causes it to deteriorate over time. Also, it is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, also for viruses such as the current Covid-19. To prevent any unwanted guests from staying in our home, we recommend that you add a jet of bleach to the mop bucket. If you have previously included a chemical product, try to make it bleach without added soap.