Skin Care Safety for Your Newborn

Skin Care:

Wash the baby with hot water and a towel every few days; do not immerse the baby in the water until the fungus has fallen. Before that, you will be able to use a flushing tool, a file or a children’s nail clippers PRN to scrub his fingers and toenails. Dry skin is common in newborns and can fall off and be replaced during the main period of life. Avoid moisturizers or perfumed lotions because they can cause rashes.
For boys, the World Health Organization has been circumcised and applied petroleum jelly and gauze to all circumcision procedures within the first 24 hours, so only petroleum jelly was applied until the whole world was full.
Baby girls usually have white discharge, which can be wiped off with shower gel. Because the baby’s hormones are separated from its mother, even if a few drops of blood are drawn from the canal, this is completely traditional, which can escape on its own without disturbing the baby.


It is illegal to transport a baby without a car seat. In the first two years after birth, all car seats should be placed with beer facing the rear, preferably in the middle of the car. There are local agencies that can check whether your car seat is properly installed and fit. Babies should sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome or small island developing States. Your baby should sleep in his own crib or cradle, but it is best to be in the same room with you for the first 6 to 12 months.
There should not be any extra pillows or blankets in the crib, and avoid using crib bumpers. To ensure that she feels warm, she should wear a sleeper or swallow sack and a hat. When your baby is awake, you can temporarily place your baby on the belly to increase strength, but this is worth monitoring.

Avoid using strong detergents or chemicals near babies. Set the maximum temperature of the water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to avoid burning the baby, it is very important to keep the baby away from smoke. Family members and guests have to go outside to smoke, then wash their hands and change clothes before handling the baby. Infants often cry all the time for the first few weeks and months. It tends to reach a peak in about four weeks and then gradually improves in about three months.
When your baby is crying, please check if you feel hungry or need fresh diapers. If not, you can comfort your baby by other methods, such as wrapping it in a blanket, providing a pacifier to suck and hiss to remind you that your baby is in yours Inside, shaking gently back and forth.

Stick to the nipple until your milk supply reaches two weeks to one month old. Some babies still cry and are stressed. In the case of overtime, it is completely possible to let the baby temporarily leave a safe position for about five minutes. If you can hear your baby’s crying, you know that his lungs and heart are working and everything is fine. It is important not to shake the baby, as this may cause permanent brain damage or death. Encourage family members to take time when they need it; the most important thing is to take good care of yourself and take care of your children.