Positive Traits of The Stubborn Child

Although stubborn children have negative attributes, they can have positive characteristics that parents should not ignore or surpass. Here are some positive characteristics:

1- Determination and Perseverance:

This stubborn child is characterized by strong will, introverted pursuit and unwavering perseverance, which allows him to overcome any obstacles or problems that he may encounter when trying to learn new skills, because it is characterized by determination and perseverance.​​ And passion. Determination, therefore, he insists on completing the order he wants, which helps him to pursue his current small goals and even his big future, such as planning to enter the medical field…

2- Passion:

A stubborn child is usually creative in his thinking. When he engages in a certain activity, he will be full of enthusiasm and passion to interact with it, because he put all his energy into it, which makes him produce creative works.
For example, when a four-year-old child builds a game castle, he will surprise his parents due to the intensity of his interaction with work. Although the child may cause confusion when doing activities at home, the enthusiasm to characterize it is a uniqueness that must be developed The important thing is that it guides the child to share his talents and creativity in the right way, and the existence of this quality in the child will make him a determined person and capable of achieving goals in the future.

3- Established Principles:

Parents must keep their promises to their children, because if they do not keep their promises in the future, the children may feel that their parents cheated him. A stubborn child is characterized by a high sense of justice and morality, so if he is in a certain position, he will firmly abide by his principles. For example, he might face another child who hurt and bullied other children…

4- Participation and cooperation:

A stubborn child likes a way of dealing with participation and cooperation. Therefore, he refused to communicate with his parents or guardians on a controlled basis because it would make him uncomfortable. Therefore, parents should speak to their children in an opinionated attitude, show participation and a positive attitude, and avoid language of command, control and dominance. All of this will be actively reflected in the way he communicates with others in school or elsewhere in the future.

5- Enthusiasm and energy:

Compared with peers, this stubborn child is characterized by more sports, activities and speech. Although some parents worry that their stubborn child may cause inconvenience to themselves and others, or how he does appropriate and useful work most of the time, they can still benefit from it. Enthusiasm and energy point them in the right direction, for example, let him participate in activities that can speak in front of the crowd, or in the future to pursue a career that requires energy like education…

6- Driving:

According to research conducted by the American Psychological Association, a stubborn child will have a great chance of getting a higher college degree and higher income in the future. He will have a great opportunity to become a reliable leader in the community, unless it requires parents to be more patient in developing his driving skills: it is not easy and requires enough effort, and they would have to try. Continue to lay the foundation to help him guide his leadership skills so that he can use them appropriately in the future…

7- Independence:

This strong child is completely independent, because he doesn’t accept anything, because only when he is convinced will he be imposed…

8- Wisdom, Creativity And Thinking Ability:

 The uniqueness of this stubborn child is that he is different from others in the way he thinks about things and the interpretation of the problems and situations he has experienced, and their creative ways are different from others. The reason may be that he is not interested in these beliefs and concepts. . Other people’s actions, so when he finishes a certain job, he will work creatively in his own way…

9-Key Points:

When a stubborn child completes a job, they will focus on completing the job at the speed that best suits them, instead of comparing their performance with others. By solving these problems, we will be able to understand the thinking of a stubborn child. We can learn to deal with it later.