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Cooking as a couple: what are its benefits?

Cooking as a couple, how choose your life partner

Sharing time is essential to foster the bonds of the couple. Practicing hobbies such as cooking can be an excellent option to join together and teach values ​​to the little ones.

Nowadays, eating is not only a necessity for our body, but it has also become a pleasure. Cooking as a couple can be an activity with multiple benefits that, ultimately, will bring us closer together. Through the kitchen, we can give free rein to our imagination and creativity. From preparing a romantic evening to starting our own business as a couple. Learn about the benefits of cooking as a couple in this article, some ideas that you may never have thought of.

Benefits of cooking as a couple

Do you like to cook? Well discover below the benefits of cooking as a couple :

Spend more time together

Without a doubt, one of the problems of many couples in this competitive and capitalist society is having time to share as a couple. Due to work hours, commitments, and matters that must be attended to on a day-to-day basis, many couples hardly see each other at night.

For this reason, we suggest that in the hours of energy you still have, you cook something together, instead of sitting down to watch TV and order a pizza. Although the latter can be a very comfortable option from time to time.

The cooking activity will give you moments to talk, to tell you about the day, and above all to create something delicious that you can also enjoy together. Take advantage of every free moment, and if cooking becomes an excuse to spend more time together, then fantastic.

Eat more homemade food and less precooked

On the other hand, if we take the good habit of cooking as a couple, without wanting to, we will be promoting homemade food. We will have the guarantee of being able to consume fresh and quality food. This way our health will be reinforced with all the nutrients we need.

Great elaborations in the kitchen are not necessary to eat healthy and delicious. If we avoid precooked foods and junk food, we can even recover old recipes from our family. Or go further and start, between the two, to develop our imagination and riskier ideas.

Enhance the creativity of each and between the two

Creativity is not an exclusive field of plastic arts. In the kitchen, we have an infinite universe of gastronomic possibilities.

There are many types of culinary cultures where we can investigate and adapt to our tastes. Even creating a healthy rivalry where the competition to surprise the other with new flavors leads us to improve ourselves.

Pleasing and surprising our partner cooking is a detail that is valued and very much enjoyed. In this way, we can also better distribute the tasks and obligations of the house. It is never too late to get down to business and give the best of ourselves.

If we have children we will know that they are like sponges that absorb all our habits, customs, and even speech. For this reason, it is interesting that it is something everyday and normal to see the two of us cooking, even together. Thus we convey to them that they must learn to be self-sufficient in this field as well.

Cooking takes your daily effort and dedication. If we assign them a task in the kitchen, they will be more committed to the obligations of your family. The value of responsibility and perseverance is also promoted since it is an essential daily activity.

Disconnect from other activities

Cooking as a couple can help us disconnect from other obligations or worries. Spending that time together in the kitchen creates bonds, complicities, generates new stories between you, and helps you relax your mind from so much work stress.

Also, if we cook at night, it helps us to disconnect before going to sleep from the abuse that we usually make of technologies (television, computer, social networks, etc). A good way, too, to combat insomnia.

In summary, these are some of the benefits that we can obtain when we start cooking as a couple. This good habit will help us feel better about ourselves and our partner. And, therefore, it will also affect the whole family positively and constructively.


Organizing an express wedding: everything you need to know

The best solution would be to have the services of a specialized wedding planner. However, if this is not the case, nothing is impossible with a clear mind and a good organization.

Organizing a wedding is difficult. Too many things, too many details, too much stress … If, besides, it is an express wedding, how to organize it in the minimum of time? Next, we explain how to achieve it without losing your nerves.

Express wedding

If you have decided to take the big step as soon as possible and celebrate the wedding practically now, surely the nerves will surface and stress is present when thinking about how to organize it in a minimum of time.

Do not be overwhelmed. Indeed, the greatest enemy may be precisely the nerves. If you organize yourself well and calmly, everything can go perfectly. Take note of our advice.

First of all, the place and the date

There may be many reasons why a couple decides to get married as soon as possible. Maybe they are going to move together to another country, the arrival of a baby … In any case, you should always bear in mind that, even if you want it to be now, the bureaucracy is slow.

For example, in Spain marriages, both civil and religious, usually take a long time to celebrate once they have been requested, especially in large cities. Therefore, the first thing you decide must be the place where the wedding is going to be held and, thus, according to the date they give you, to be able to start organizing it as soon as possible.

Do not take long to notify the guests

Once you have the date and time, the next step is to make the guest list and notify them of the event. If it’s hard for you and your partner, it’s hard for them too. They will have to check their agendas, make changes, organize themselves to be prepared to attend the event, etc.

For that reason, the sooner you notify them, the better. Besides, more guests will be able to attend if you have notified them in advance.

Hire a wedding planner for your express wedding

If you have no idea and, besides, you have little time for preparations, you should have the services of a professional, a wedding planner. Without a doubt, he will be able to help you and give you a break.

A wedding planner knows how to organize such an event and has in his files a selection of banquet venues, photographers, ideas, prices, etc. For that reason, you will save precious time in having to do research and market research on your own.

The banquet at an express wedding

The point is to limit the list of things to do. Therefore, for an express wedding, it is better that you decide to celebrate the banquet in a place that includes everything: music, decoration, etc.

Thus, do not hesitate to choose a venue for your express wedding that can organize absolutely everything in minimum time and reducing the list of tasks for you.

The suits

Obviously, you will not have much time to go from store to store looking for a dress or suit. For this reason, it is much better to go to a wedding dress and gown store that has a wide variety. In this way, you may be lucky and can find yours in just one visit.

Also, you should keep in mind that if the suits need repairs, they may be ready in about twenty days or so. Therefore, it is better to go to a specialized store and start looking to make a decision as soon as possible.

Besides, you must bear in mind that, if there are bridesmaids, the choice of their dresses can also be slow. Therefore, it is better to choose the same pattern for all of them, that is, that they all have the same design.

The details

If you do not have a wedding planner, the best thing is that as soon as possible you attend to the rest of the details that a wedding implies: rings, photographs, stylists, etc.

For this, you can always count on the help of friends who have already gone through having to organize a wedding. They will surely be able to offer you contacts and advice with proven experience and their personal opinion.

Keep calm to plan an express wedding

A normal wedding planned well in advance already creates stress. In the case of an express wedding, it is logical that it could be much more. However, losing your temper or getting angry about unforeseen events is never going to help. On the contrary, we will waste time getting angry while we should invest it in continuing with the planning.

So take it easy. Accept that there will be unforeseen events and that surely everything will not go exactly as you had planned. However, above all, think that it is about enjoying your wedding day, with its imperfections and its successes, and not about a race against time that will make you exhausted until the big day.

Honeymoon trip

The honeymoon can be a separate chapter in terms of your organization. Therefore, if you want to have more time, you don’t need to plan it from now, but you can decide to travel at another time in the future.

In any case, you should be clear if you want a honeymoon abroad or in the country where you live. Thus, if you want to cross the borders, you must first make sure that you have valid passports because, otherwise, you will only be able to decide on a national destination.

In any case, you can always postpone the trip and do it later, where you really want.


6 details with the couple so as not to fall into monotony

How choose your life partner

Breaking from routine is key to maintaining a healthy relationship. Therefore, it is important to have details with our partner, surprise, and end the monotony.

Having time together can be an advantage if we think that time is an ally when it comes to strengthening ties. However, we also run the risk of falling into monotony and routine, highly dangerous for a relationship.

Therefore, it is worth having, from time to time, details with our partner. Thus, we will be able to break with the day to day by showing that we appreciate you and do not take anything for granted.

In this article, we propose 6 details to have with your partner and rekindle the relationship.


Love must be cared for otherwise it may wither. For that reason, the years together are no guarantee that a relationship will go well. It is necessary to strive to keep it healthy, not to fall into the routine.

Indeed, it is important to show the other person that, despite the years, we still feel fortunate to have them by our side and that the relationship is our conscious choice and not the result of the inertia of time.

For that reason, it is important to have details with our partner. In this article, we propose 6 for you to put them into practice and be able to break the routine and monotony.

Details so as not to fall into monotony

Hugs and kisses

Maybe after time together you feel less like spontaneous displays of affection. However, they are an essential ingredient in a relationship. Also, physical contact brings benefits in many ways, benefits that you will surely want to bring to your partner:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improves mood
  • Build trust and security
  • Raises self-esteem
  • It also provides other health benefits such as reducing blood pressure, improving the immune system, or benefiting cardiovascular health.

It is the small gestures that can break with the daily routine. You don’t need to do something fancy or very different. Just hug and kiss. Surprise with a spontaneous kiss and for no special reason! Keep your bodies and minds in contact.

A classic of details so as not to fall into monotony: An unexpected note
Another good idea to break the routine and surprise your partner with a show of love is to write a beautiful phrase declaring our feelings and hide it somewhere. It may not seem like something important to you, but it is precisely the small details that make the difference.

You can leave a post-it in the refrigerator reminding him how wonderful or wonderful he is. You can also put a small note in one of his pockets so that, when he realizes, he can read how lucky you feel to have that person by your side.

Personal space and time of each

It is not necessary to spend the whole day together, especially when it is not what you feel like. That you need time for yourself or that your partner needs it, does not mean that you do not want the relationship.

On the contrary, for a relationship to be healthy, both of you must also spend time with yourselves. In those moments you can dedicate yourself to your favorite hobby, to relax and rest listening to music, to do some sport, etc.

Also, it is important to miss each other, thus refreshing the relationship. This way, when you meet again, you will have more desire to be with each other.

The box of memories

It is also a good idea to prepare a box with all your memories. In it, you can include photos or objects related to your relationship from the day it began, such as movie tickets, travel tickets, or something special.

Then you can sit together and look at those memories. It’s a great way to remember why you fell in love and everything you’ve experienced together. Without a doubt, it will help you to get out of the routine and strengthen your bond even more.

A letter in the mailbox!

Imagine coming home from work and opening your home mailbox. Surely you expect advertising and invoices, nothing more, the usual.

However, can you imagine finding a personal letter in the mailbox? What if that letter is also from the person with whom you have been expressing for so long how important you are to her and how deep and true her feelings are?

Without a doubt, it is a good way to break the routine and brighten the day to even improve our partner’s self-esteem.

Message in the mirror

When you shower, the glass in the mirror gets foggy. At that time, you can write a message of love to your partner such as “I love you” or “have a fantastic day”, the choice is yours.

Then when you’re done in the bathroom, the mist from the mirror will disappear and the message won’t be readable. However, when it is your partner’s turn to shower or bathe, the mist will again mist the glass and display the message. It will undoubtedly be a surprise that will make you smile.

Finally, so as not to fall into monotony …

As you can see, it is a matter of having imagination and surprising. The idea is that at least one day, something different happened, something that helps to refresh the relationship, to remind the other person that we consciously love them and want to be with them. Remember: details make the difference.


15 Houseplants Can Poison Pets

houseplants can poison pets
Do you know that houseplants can poison pets? Yes, even though it’s healthy to have houseplants in home, Houseplants could be stunning, smell good, and make your house look better, but a few of them can be dangerous to your pet dogs. In fact, over 1,000 of them have been identified as poisonous to cats, canines, and also other family pets. That’s why we extremely recommend you seek out the plants you have in your home to see if they can be dangerous to your family pets. We made a checklist of 15 of the most harmful plants to pets and also we hope that we can assist you maintain yours secure and also happy!

Plants to Stay Clear Of Maintaining If You Have Family pets

1. Tulips:

Tulips are very unsafe to cats, pets, as well as equines. They can create vomiting, clinical depression, looseness of the bowels, and also hypersalivation.

2. Daffodils:

Daffodils might be quite, however you need to maintain your pet cats, canines, as well as equines away from them. Consuming large quantities of this flower can cause convulsions, low blood pressure, shakes, and cardiac arrhythmias.

3. Lilies:

There are also toxic to pets: Lilies can be very hazardous to felines as they can cause kidney failing. Canines, nonetheless, are safe around them. The presence of these plants in your home or yard might pose a danger to your pets, especially dogs that like to chew various plants in the landscape. Just how poisonous is tranquility lily? As marvelous as peace lilies are when they are growing, there is a hidden hazard in these hooded flowering plants. All parts of the plant, from stems to leaves as well as even the attractive blossoms, have an annoying contaminant that can be dangerous to man’s friend.
 Peace lily includes a compound that can be exceptionally annoying to pets, children and even a grown-up if eaten. Also the pollen from the spadix can trigger oral inflammation if licked off hair as well as paws. The result is an inflammatory reaction, which can be moderate to serious and accompanied by various other signs and symptoms. Pets may also get looseness of the bowels, vomit and display excessive drooling. In extreme instances, your pet dog may show up to have problem breathing as a result of an irritated air passage.

4. Hyacinths:

Houseplants Can Poison Pets
Hyacinths are another precious house plant, however they can also be really harmful to cats, pets, and also equines. It can trigger extreme vomiting, diarrhea (occasionally with blood), anxiety, and also shakes.

5. English Ivy:

English Ivy
English Ivy may be a popular residence design, but it is necessary to understand that it can be dangerous to felines, dogs, and steeds. They can cause stomach concerns and also even more. Unfortunately, this is another plant that is toxic to cats and dogs, so if you have furry friends at home, make sure that this plant is completely out of reach.

6. Hydrangeas:

Houseplants Can Poison Pets
If you have hydrangeas in your home, make sure to maintain your canines and also felines far from the flower as they are very poisonous as well as can hurt them. They are likewise toxic to horses.

7. Azaleas:

Houseplants Can Poison Pets
Azaleas might be gorgeous yet if you have a koi fish pond in your backyard, you need to be aware of them as every single part of the plant can be hazardous to the fish living in the pond. They are additionally toxic to pet cats, pet dogs, as well as equines.

8. Aloe:

Please note that this is another plant that is poisonous to pets. Aloe is yet another incredibly popular family plant but if you have a pet dog, feline, or equine, you must avoid it in any way expenses as it’s very harmful to all 3 animals.

9. Begonias:

Begonias are one more house plant you have actually most likely had in the past, however you need to eliminate them if you have a pet cat, canine, or steed as they’re really toxic to them. They can create throwing up, salivation and also kidney failing.

10. Catnip:

Catnip can be very hazardous to pet cats. While some pet cats react in different ways to catnip, it might overstimulate them.

11. Split Leaf Philodendron:

Split Fallen leave Philodendrons are among the most prominent houseplants ever before. They can likewise be extremely harmful to our animals. They can create intense burning and irritation on the mouth, tongue, as well as lips in addition to excessive drooling, vomiting, as well as difficulty ingesting.

12. Chrysanthemums:

Chrysanthemums, when ingested by a pet cat, dog or equine, can create diarrhea, throwing up, control, dermatitis, as well as hypersalivation.

13. Amaryllises:

As attractive as Amaryllises are, they might trigger throwing up, depression, diarrhea, abdominal pain, hypersalivation, anorexia, and also tremors in pet dogs, cats, and also equines. Luckily, however, steeds are safe from the vomiting side-effect.

14. Ficus or Weeping Fig

Ficus or Weeping Fig
Ficus or Weeping Fig
Unfortunately this one is likewise harmful to pet cats and pet dogs, so maintain them far from your pets!


Be careful with pet owners, this is another poisonous thing for your four-legged friends.
This Article Is Related to Pets and Plants

5 Tricks to Clean The Windows And Make Them Look Perfect

clean the windows

Dirty windows!! Clean the windows?!.. If you have many windows at home, cleaning the windows may be a real torture for you. It is exhausting in many cases, especially when it comes to large windows or large windows on a terrace. If we add to this that after a long time rubbing there have been marks or areas without cleaning well, much worse. Needless to say, it can rain that same day or the next day, which ends up spoiling a most tiring task.

If you have come this far it is because you want some trick to clean the windows and to make the cleaning last longer. Although miracles do not exist, we do have some advice to give you. However, the main thing before knowing them is that you buy an effective glass cleaner that does not leave a residue. In the market, there are well-known brands with products that give very good results.

How to Clean the Windows

The first thing to do is remove the dirt with a dry, lint-free cloth or a feather duster. This will remove dust and allow you to easily clean the glasses without leaving marks. Then spray them with a glass cleaner, either spray or cream. Of course, in either case, apply the product directly on the cloth or cloth with which you are going to clean, avoid doing it directly on the glass. Finally, remove the product. If you have used a spray, do it quickly and before it dries. In this way, it is much easier to avoid the dreaded brands. If you have opted for a cream glass cleaner do the opposite, wait for it to dry before removing it.

Tricks to Make Your Crystals Look Perfect

  • Use suitable cloth. This is one of the best tips when it comes to cleaning the windows and making them look perfect. Depending on the cloth or cloth you choose, this task will cost you a lot or a little, and you will also leave marks or not. In the market, you can find microfiber cloths that are very suitable for cleaning windows since they do not leave residues and keep them shiny. If you don’t want to spend money, you can opt for old rags that you have at home or cotton shirts that you no longer use.
  • Avoid direct sun. Do not clean the windows in direct sun or wind. This is because the glass cleaner dries very quickly and you do not have time to remove all traces of spray or cream. In addition, the typical reflections are produced that we do not see until the sun goes down.
  • Use a telescopic window cleaner stick. This trick is highly recommended if you have to clean windows that are very high and that are difficult for you to reach. The union of the extendable pole and the cleaning spatula give you the possibility of using it at heights of up to almost 4 meters. The head also includes a scraper and a squeegee to remove embedded dirt.
  • Change the sense of cleanliness. Another important trick when cleaning the windows is to change the direction of cleaning. Go doing it horizontally and vertically so that you are dragging all the dirt that is on the way. This method will also help avoid marks.
  • Clean from top to bottom. Likewise, always clean from top to bottom. This will prevent the water from dripping and leaving drops where you have already cleaned.

Homemade Cleaners

If you are one of those who like to use everything the more natural the better, and you want to avoid artificial products at all costs (you respect the environment and your lungs), you can create your own glass cleaner at home. You can choose to:

  • Ammonia and water in equal parts
  • Water with a little dish soap and ammonia soap
  • White vinegar
  • Water and alcohol
  • One part white vinegar to four parts water and bicarbonate optionally

The best tricks to make floors shiny

The final step in any home cleaning is cleaning the floor. Once we have passed a chamois to remove the dust, we have swept, there is no other choice than to take a mop in hand to finish going over the corners and various rooms of every one of the rooms. The truth is that we do not always end up leaving the floors shiny. There are countless products on the market for this task, but in many cases, the result leaves much to be desired.

If you have come this far, it may be because you want to know what you may be doing wrong. First of all, see if you are scrubbing correctly.

How to scrub for shiny floors

First, remove all traces of dust from the floor. For this pass the broom, or if you have a much better vacuum cleaner. It insists on the corners and in conflictive zones. Of course, in the latter case make sure that your type of floor supports it since otherwise, you could end up scratching or damaging it. Next, fill a bucket with water and pour in a cleaning product for the type of floor you have. You can use natural or chemical products, whatever you think may be better for you depending on the moment. When it comes to mopping, there are several types. To make the floors shine we recommend that you use a cloth type that absorbs moisture very well. Also, try to change it every so often, for example, every 10 or 15 days.

Natural or chemical products?

One way to make floors shiny is by pouring white vinegar and baking soda into the bucket. They are very effective natural cleaners and disinfectants. How can you use them? Mix three tablespoons of baking soda with half a glass of vinegar. Then stir this mixture well and pour it into the bucket with water. Mix again so that it binds to the water in the bucket and mops very wrung out.

As we explained above, you can also use a chemical cleaner, but it is important to keep in mind that soapy products can leave marks on the floor. In any case, if you want to use it, apply a small amount. Also, if you want to scrub in-depth, add a toothbrush to your cleaning list. Dip this also in the baking soda and white vinegar mixture to clean the joints. You will see how the floor is spectacular.

If after this you still cannot fully see the shiny floor, try wiping with a soft mop, always after everything has dried. Taking into account all these tips you can enjoy shiny floors for a few days, although of course, only continuous cleaning will allow you to have them very shiny every day. In any case, don’t let it get dirty for too long, as this causes it to deteriorate over time. Also, it is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, also for viruses such as the current Covid-19. To prevent any unwanted guests from staying in our home, we recommend that you add a jet of bleach to the mop bucket. If you have previously included a chemical product, try to make it bleach without added soap.

4 techniques to remove resin stains

Have you been to the forest or walking in nature and got resin stained? The resin is an organic secretion produced by many plants, especially trees coniferous type. It serves as a natural defense coating against pathogenic organisms or insects and is also highly valued for its chemical properties. The problem is that it is a sticky and viscous substance that is difficult to remove.

If you are concerned about that resin stain and don’t know how to remove it from your clothes or any surface, pay attention. First of all, you must bear in mind that the sooner you get down to work, the better. Think that as time goes by, the more complicated it will be to remove, which can play against you. As with any stain, the more impregnated it is in the garment, the more difficult it will be to remove it. Therefore, act immediately.

Use hot water

Hot water is a great ally to remove resin stains. You will need 4 glasses of hot water and a stiff bristle brush. Once you have everything in your power, place the resin-stained clothing in a bucket with hot water. Let this garment soak for several minutes to allow the stain to soften. Next, take the brush and rub it by applying pressure to the surface of the stain until you see it disappear. To finish the cleaning process, put the garment in the washing machine.

Use olive oil

This trick is widely used by cleaning companies, so we recommend it if the resin stain on your clothes is deeply embedded. First, pour a few drops of the product onto the resin-stained surface. Wait a few minutes for the oil to take effect. Meanwhile, make a soapy water mixture. After a time, dip the clothes in the cleaning solution and use your hands to scrub the stain. As in the previous case, you must put the clothes in the washing machine so that the stain is completely removed.

Use alcohol

Alcohol is another product that works well on resin stains. Of course, it should only be used on clothes that do not fade. It is best to first check the washing label and the instructions of the garment given by the manufacturer. When in doubt, test in an inconspicuous area to see if the fabric supports alcohol. Next, moisten a cotton ball with a little alcohol and apply it to the stain. Rub until you see that it is eliminated. As in the previous cases, finish the process by throwing the garment in the washing machine.

Use acetone

Acetone is the substance that is used to remove paints from nails. This substance is also really effective in removing resin stains. As with the rest of the products, apply acetone on a cotton ball and rub it over the stain. Rub the stain with the cotton until it is completely removed.

How to clean resin stains on the car

What if what is stained with resin is not an article of clothing but the car? In this case, you cannot put it in the washing machine, so it is best to use a specific cleaning product to solve this problem. In the market, you will find a large number of very effective cleaning products to eliminate resin stains. These will leave the car totally smudge-free and sparkling, just what you want. Any of them will also be useful to apply to your clothes if you are not convinced by using alcohol, oil, or acetone.

15 mistakes you usually make when washing your clothes

Doing laundry is one of the chores around the house that we do most frequently. But you have wondered how many mistakes we can make when washing your clothes.

We all like to have clean clothes, but we also like that it maintains the good quality of the fabric, that it shines if necessary and that of course, it smells good.

It does not seem difficult to do the laundry: select the clothes, put them in the washing machine, and activate them. This includes pressing the buttons on the washer, and voila.

But although it is not difficult to do it well at all, it hides some tricks that not everyone knows.

Small details make the difference between a good job and a superb job because when it comes to washing machines, it is the same.

For example, you should be careful with tennis balls in the washing machine, among other details.

For our part, we are going to see 15 mistakes that we usually make when doing laundry, if you avoid every one of them, you will quickly notice that your clothes stay much better.

1. Separate the clothes

Not only do we have to separate the clothes by color so that they do not fade, but we must also pay special attention to the type of fabric of the garments.

For example, towels should not be washed with synthetics, and wool clothing should be washed separately.

Of course, you should know how to put the washing machine, so you need to keep reading.

2. We rub more than necessary

To remove a stain, many times we dedicate ourselves to rubbing vigorously and it is actually a mistake.

We must treat the stains delicately, so as not to spread the dirt.

It is best to dampen it carefully with a cloth.

This over-rubbing is a common mistake, and you have surely wondered whether or not you should do it, as well as the unknown about how many times you can use the washing machine per day.

3. More detergent is not more cleaning

Too much detergent can be a mistake, and it is usually a very common one.

Detergent produces a lot of foam, an excess causes dirt in some areas to remain, such as on shirt collars, for example.

4. Zipper open or closed?

Always wash clothes with the zipper closed, not so much because a garment can fall apart, but because the teeth of the zipper can damage other garments in the wash.

And of course, you must take care of both the washing machine and your clothes when washing them.

5. Buttons buttoned or unbuttoned?

Unlike the zipper, the buttons must be undone during washing.

If they are fastened, they can exert pressure during the cycle and cause them to fall or wear the fabric.

6. Beware of bleach

Make excessive use of bleach when washing your clothes may affect the quality of the garments, making them less resistant.

Some garments do not even tolerate bleach much, so it is best that you also take into account the washing instructions for each type of garment, that way you will not be risking them.

7. Bathing suits, well away from the washing machine

Do not be lazy, swimsuits, bikinis, etc. they are hand washed.

Both swimsuits and any lycra garment must be kept away from the washing machine if we want it to last.

So be aware of this mistake and avoid it at all costs.

8. You don’t have to let your washing machine rest

Nothing happens to put several washing machines in a row, in fact, you save more energy so putting one a day, since the heat emitted by the previous cycle is used.

This is something that many do not take into account, like tennis balls in the washing machine, of which you must be careful.

9. Wash pillows and blankets

Anything with feathers inside can be machine washed, not once, but twice.

And the feathers keep the soap with a single wash, so it will have to be passed through the washing machine twice to make it look good.
Keep this tip in mind, and this way you will ensure that the pillows are really washed.

10. Clutter of clothes

When the cycle ends and we are going to hang the clothes, all the clothes have become pineapple and it has been organized chaotically.

But why do you also put it chaotically?

The best you can do is put the socks and small items first and then the rest.

The result is satisfactory, check it out. You will see that it is worth taking the time to separate the clothes and group them by categories, as well as putting them well in the washing machine.

11. When not to use fabric softener

The softener causes fabrics to reduce their absorption capacity, and that is what we are least interested in about a towel.

So keep this tip in mind and you will keep your towels always functional, thus achieving the goal of drying with them.

12. Avoid filling the washing machine

If we put too many clothes, the washing will be less effective. It is preferable to put two washing machines in a row than just one too full.

As soon as you start doing it this way, you will make your clothes always look cleaner.

13. Tennis balls for your jackets

Yes, the complement we need to properly wash our down jackets is tennis balls.

This will prevent the feathers from turning into little balls and help absorb all the foam.

But you must bear in mind that tennis balls are ideal for washing clothes, and above all use them to wash the jackets as we are indicating and not for another type of garment.

So washing machine tennis balls is a good combination in these cases.

14. Expensive detergents for troubleshooting

Traditional methods work and are much cheaper.

Most of the time we pay more for the brand than for how effective detergent is.

For this reason, remember: salt gives shine to your clothes, chalk helps to eliminate grease and lemon scent and softens clothes.

15. Take care of the washing machine

You don’t have to treat her like a queen, but you do have to keep her looking good.

Wash the compartments where you put the detergent and fabric softener, let them air inside, and occasionally cycle with hot water and white vinegar.

That way you will have a washing machine for a while and you will save yourself having to frequently renew or repair it.

Remember that she is your ally, so treat her as such.


Coronavirus: 10 tricks to disinfect the bathroom

In the midst of the pandemic, many have become obsessive about cleanliness in general. So long confined has given rise to many hours of fixes and changes at home. The State of Alarm ends shortly, but that does not mean that we have to lower our guard, Covid-19 continues to lurk out there, so the cleaning must be thorough and thorough at least once a week.

About the bathrooms, this should not be neglected, even less so than in the rest of the house. Whether you have a large bathroom or a small bathroom, or both, taking care of and leaving every corner without a trace of dirt is the key to guaranteeing proper hygiene. Here are some keys to cleaning the bathrooms thoroughly. Take note.

Clear the bathroom before you start

It is very important that before cleaning the bathrooms thoroughly you clear everything that is in the way. Whether you have unsaved cans, used towels, slippers … The important thing is that you leave a room as to free as possible of objects, with free spaces for greater comfort. Also take the opportunity to empty the garbage can, if you have one, and remove any empty toilet paper rolls out of the way.

Sweep and dust to thoroughly clean bathrooms

Once the area has been cleared, it is time to sweep the bathroom floors and remove the dust deposited on the far, closets, sink, or toilet. Don’t forget to mop the bidet as well, if you have one, roll holder, soap dish, or towel rack. The goal is to make it much easier to apply gloss disinfection products later.

Focus on the toilet

We cannot deny that when it comes to cleaning the bathrooms thoroughly, the toilet is one of the parts that need to be paid more attention. Before using a cloth that comes into contact with the surfaces, add bleach, or the disinfectant of your choice. Since bleach takes time to work, you must apply it as soon as possible. After a few minutes, use a brush and sweep it all over the toilet areas, internal and external walls.

For the outside area of ​​the toilet, take a ball or cloth with an antibacterial product and pass it through the lid, internal and external, the bottom, and the area where the cistern is located. If you see traces of lime, use an abrasive-based cleaner (powder or cream), being very careful not to damage the enamel.

Sink and taps

Cleaning the sink can have some complications, as dirt often appears in the corner joints. One trick is to use a specific toothbrush for this purpose. This way you will remove lime or any accumulated dirt much better. For the taps, we advise you to use different products depending on your type of tap:

  • Enameled or golden: avoid products that can damage this finish. Use specific products for this surface.
  • Chrome: Rub them with half a lemon to remove lime.
  • Wood: use a solution of water and bleach.


The mirror also deserves a lot of attention, since it is usually the place where the rest of the water, toothpaste, or creams go. To clean it, spray a little glass cleaner on it and wipe it with a kitchen roll-type paper.


For the bathtub, we recommend that you add a bath product, avoiding bleach, and rub in all the corners with a scouring pad. If you have bottles of shampoos and gels, put them all in a bucket to clear everything around and make cleaning easier. Then dry well and put them back. When cleaning the bathtub faucet, follow the same advice that we gave you in the section on the sink and taps.


Finally, and to finish cleaning the bathrooms thoroughly, do not forget to scrub the floor well with a product that is specific to the type of floor you have installed. If required, you can add a jet of bleach for better disinfection of these, something that now comes in handy.

How to clean the iron and make it perfect

Ironing is a process that can have more pros than cons if we don’t have the iron in perfect condition. The remains of lime and other minerals that are deposited on the base can end up ruining our favorite shirt, or those white pants that we want to wear to go out to dinner. Therefore, so that this does not happen, it is advisable to clean the iron from time to time with specific products, or certain homemade tricks. Baking soda is a clear example of them, but there is more.

If you want to have your iron shiny, like the first day, do not stop reading. Here are some tips to clean your iron and make it perfect.

How to clean your iron

It is rare for those who do not have sodium bicarbonate at home, an infallible remedy for many occasions, especially if we have gone overboard with excess food. In case you don’t know, it can also come in handy to leave the iron as if you had just bought it. The first thing you have to do is mix two tablespoons of baking soda with one of the water. If you have it distilled much better since it will not have lime or other impurities. Next, mix everything until it is doughy and spread this paste on the base of the griddle. You can do it with your fingers or using a hairbrush.

Wait a few minutes until this preparation works, with a maximum of ten minutes it is perfect. Now, take a slightly damp cloth or cloth and remove the paste. Don’t forget to dry with a clean, dry cloth. To clean the steam holes, nothing better than using a cotton swab (the ones we use to clean the ears). If you do not have empty the water tank, do it, to fill it next with distilled water. You can also prepare a mixture of distilled water with white vinegar (for example, two parts distilled water to one part vinegar). Turn on the iron and turn it to the maximum temperature with the steam option activated so that it passes through the small holes and finishes removing all the dirt that is in the tank.

Before ironing your favorite shirt, it is best to try ironing an old shirt. In this way, your iron will finish cleaning itself correctly and will gradually eliminate the residues that remain without damaging a special garment.

Other tricks to clean the iron

  • Use toothpaste: Another way to clean the iron and make it look perfect is with toothpaste. You just have to apply a little to the base of the iron, scrub it and cover it to rub later with a clean and dry cloth. After this, turn it on and release the steam for a few moments.
  • With salt: Add salt to a dry cloth and turn on the iron. When hot, rub the base with the cloth until there is no trace of dirt marks.
  • With laundry detergent: Another great trick to clean your iron is to use laundry detergent. Pour some into hot water and dampen a cloth to rub the base of the iron. This is the best solution if you have a non-stick griddle.
  • With newspaper: This solution comes in handy if you notice the sticky base of the plate. Set it to maximum temperature without water and with the steam, option turned off. Then do as if you were ironing the newspaper until you see that it does not stick and it goes smoothly.

As you can see there are many solutions and tricks to clean the iron and have it as if you had just bought it. If you have another idea that can help us, do not hesitate to leave your contribution in the comments section.

8 Great Kitchen Herbs That Can Be Grown At Your House

kitchen herbs
kitchen herbs

To have all the required components for culinary masterpieces always at hand is the infinite dream for many people. After all, it can be so frustrating when you do not have some easy point handy, like a specific seasoning or a number of fresh parsley.

Consequently, Therefore, We offers you an idea about these plants, which you can easily start growing on your own so you always have some fresh herbs at hand.

Great Kitchen Herbs


sage, Kitchen Herbs
sage, Herbs

A plastic mug suffices to plant sage, but when the plant is already fully grown, it needs a minimum of a 1.5 litre pot. Like rosemary, sage seeds must be grown in damp soil.


Coriander, kitchen herbs
Coriander, herbs

Light dust with neutral acidity is most suitable for coriander. You ought to plant the seeds in a blossom pot in rows, and it’s important to sprinkle them consistently. Coriander plants appear within a couple of weeks after you’ve planted them.


dill, herbs
dill, herbs

When expanding dill in your home you need to remember that it suches as sunshine. Dill additionally requires regular watering, and it’s suggested to add intricate mineral plant foods to the soil two times a month.


oregano, kitchen herbs
oregano, kitchen herbs

This plant is undemanding when it pertains to soil, however it needs a great deal of sunshine, so it’s far better to put the pots in the sunniest spots. You should grow the seeds in the soil at about 0.5 cm. Oregano needs watering 3-4 times a day when it’s young, and a fully grown plant ought to be sprinkled every other day.


persil, kitchen herbs
persil, kitchen herbs

It’s better to position the seeds of parsley in a container filled with water a day before growing. When sowing, you ought to strengthen the seeds in the soil no extra than 0.5 cm, and then cover with a tiny additional layer.


rosemary, kitchen herbs
rosemary, kitchen herbs

It’s better to plant the seeds of rosemary in moist dirt in little pots at about 15 cm deepness. The seeds will certainly germinate for concerning a month. It is necessary to keep the dirt moist, and don’t forget to give your plants with some fresh air every now and then.


thyme, kitchen herbs
thyme, kitchen herbs

Moisten the dirt with a water sprayer as well as plant a number of seeds. Cover them with another 1 cm of soil.


melissa, kitchen herbs
melissa, kitchen herbs

Melissa ought to be planted straight at an elevation of 12-15 cm, and it requires sprinkling three times a week. If you desire it to have more leaves, you should not let it flower. It’s recommended that you squeeze the blossoms when they show up. It’ll assist side branching.


Bullying In Children: Manifestations

In recent years, bullying in children has gained a lot of attention as people become aware of its impact on children and the severity of its consequences.

Exactly How to Recognize Bullying In Children:

Intimidation is defined as willful, repeated aggressive behavior that, with negative intent, is used by a child to maintain power over an additional youngster. Consequently, the child who is the item of this behavior finds himself victim as well as detainee of an abusive relationship.

Learn more here about:What Is Bullying.

The Difference in Between Intimidation As Well As Fighting:

Children are subjected to many scenarios, such as being defeated or teased by various other youngsters, and also these incidents can be distinguished from bullying occurrences by the following:
– The bully enforces force on the various other youngster.
– The bully tries to manage youngsters by scaring them.
– The youngster is exposed to consistent disturbance, that makes him a sufferer of intimidation.

Some Aspects of Bullying In Children:

– Power inequality – One kid has more power than the various other.
– Hurtful Actions – Actions that is literally or psychologically upsetting.
– Direct or indirect actions – Abusive actions may be participated in with the harassed child present or behind their back (e.g. joking regarding them, excluding them, stating bad features of them or spreading rumors about it).
– Duplicated behavior – The painful actions are duplicated, as well as the child targeted by them has a growing number of difficulty to find out of them.

The Various Sorts of Bullying In Children:

Physical: To Hit, kick or punch or push…
Psychological – Verbal: Insulting, threatening, making comments regarding a person’s look or means of expressing themselves, making remarks concerning a person’s ethnic origin.
Psychological – Social: Talking badly about somebody, spreading rumors about a person, ignoring someone, not consisting of a person in the activities of a team.

The Results of Bullying In Children:

bullying in children,intimidation

– Bullying In Children is just one of the large issues that kids encounter, which can create them a great deal of combined feelings like concern, isolation, sadness, illness as well as feeling pain, as well as the youngster can be subjected to hurt physical or ethical when the bully hits, curses.
– Among the consequences of bullying in children is that the person can be physically harmed, or damage his or her property;
– It can make the youngster feel poor concerning himself, and feel alone and also omitted from the group.
– Intimidation is a kind of misuse that triggers psychological damage both short and long term, as well as these effects consist of:

1- Temporary Impacts:

The short-term impacts are as complies with:
– Really feeling angry;
– Clinical depression;
– Considering suicide: A statistical study revealed that 20% of bullied youngsters had suicidal thoughts, while scores reduced for kids that were not harassed.
– Enhanced direct exposure to condition.

2- Resilient Effects:

The result of bullying extends with the child till he matures and experiences the consequences of this bad result, such as:
– The desire for retribution as well as the constant sensation of anger and also resentment.
– Trouble relying on others.
– Enhanced incidence of bullying in children and the targets who struggle with it.
– Hypersensitivity.
– Personality concerns like staying clear of brand-new gatherings as well as anxiety.
– Increase the percentage of an individual who is left alone.
– Self-confidence problems.

What Can Parents Do?:

All adults, made up of parents, need to speak publicly about bullying in caring for their children and be prepared to deal directly with any type of concerns that may arise at the university with a group of good friends. Or in other social environments.

Right here are some instances of what you may state to him:

Tips For A Child Sufferer Of Intimidation:

– Remain calm and attempt not to reveal that you are distressed. By getting angry you can make points even worse.
– As soon as you obtain harassed, go see an adult you trust as well as tell them what took place. It’s your right to be safe.
– If you are afraid to tell an adult, ask a buddy to accompany you.
– Keep close to your buddies or kids who you know you can trust to defend you.
– If the intimidation continues, leave and also see various other kids or ask someone for help.

Tips For A Child Witnessing Intimidation:

– Intervene by telling the bully to stop. No one deserves to be harassed.
– If you hesitate to intervene alone, ask one or more close friends to do it with you.
– Convenience the person that has actually been wronged and tell them that they did not be worthy of to be dealt with the way they were.
– If you are afraid to intervene or if it does not function, ask an adult you trust to aid you.
– Welcome young people who are bullied to participate in your agency activities to help them.

At the end of this article I suggest you watch this small clip from YouTube about:

What To Do If You’ve Builled?



Flowers are the ideal complement to any room. That’s why Colvin’s floral designer explains how to create your own wildlife center step by step.

The beautiful and natural flowers bring freshness and aroma to any room. A flower center can give the touch of color that brings life to your home and, therefore, we want to tell you how to make a flower center.

For this, we have a professional in the sector, the floral designer Mireia Aldomà from the online florist Colvin, who will teach us how to design our own wild-style floral center ideal for vases. First, you will find this beautiful video and then you have the step by step with all the explanations. Do not miss it!


To achieve this wild character, we will opt for a small, varied, and branched flower. We will play with different heights and textures and we will not use any flower of very striking color – we do not want color jumps. This pretty wild bouquet is fresh, carefree, and perfect for the coming summer. On other occasions, I have already told you some ideas for decoration and flowers or curiosities about flowers and vases. Here’s how to make a floral centerpiece, in this case, wild-style.


First of all, you must prepare all the material. In this case, you will need a vase filled with water, that is wide-mouthed, made of glass and shaped like a bell to be very wide, and some florist’s pliers.

As for the flowers, you will need to prepare a small list: daisies in salmon tones, mini chrysanthemums in lime, pink astilbe, white dahlias, natural animals, white delphinium, and Daucus in varied wine tones and olive branches.


We start by creating a base with green: in this case, we use an olive tree, a Mediterranean reference that withstands heat wonderfully. This base will help us create this wild style that we want to achieve.


Once the olive base is prepared, we will place stems of the largest flower. We start with it because large flowers take up more space and allow us to create the cardinal points of the bouquet to determine its size, both in width and height.

In this case, we start with the natural animals and the wine-toned caucuses. They will give us the perfect soft spot to get a wild style. Next, we can also add the white delphinium stems, which will give us the ideal height and light point.


As in any flower arrangement, the flower always has to enter the vase clean. Any part of the stem that is in contact with water should be free of flowers and leaves to prevent the water from rotting more quickly.

At the same time, whenever we introduce a new stem in our bouquet, we must cut it. This cut is preferably oblique to ensure greater water absorption.


We continue with the large flowers in our floral center, but now the colored ones. Once we have made the base and determined its height, we must continue with the colored flowers, in this case, the salmon-colored daisy and the mini chrysanthemum in lime. We will place them throughout the bouquet so as not to create color jumps. Be careful with accumulating the same color in an area: it will always be more beautiful to see all the shades distributed.


We will always take advantage of the shapes and curves of the flowers to play with our flower arrangement. We will make sure that we place the flower evenly so that there are no non-flowery or too unbalanced faces. And remember! Shorter flowers should stay close to the mouth of the vase, like white dahlia, as they will add an incredible touch of light.


Now it is the turn of the detail or subordinate flower: once our bouquet has taken shape, we go on to retouch some details that make a difference. We started with more touches of color, in this case using astilbe, and for the wild texture, we complemented with wild green.


The bouquet is almost ready, full of flowers and color. It will only be necessary to correct those areas in which there have been holes without flowers or disproportionate. Without fear, take your pliers and fix these parts by adding or removing stems. And presto!

Important! To make your vase last longer, add or change the water every 2 to 3 days and try to keep it out of direct sunlight.

And now that you know how to make a flower arrangement step by step, look at the following article. You will find many inspiring ideas to fill your house with flowers this summer!


They take up little space, are highly decorative, and offer the same advantages as conventional gardens. Plus, they look equally good indoors and outdoors. Look at these proposals


They are green walls that can be placed both inside and outside. As their name suggests, they are gardens that grow on a wall. They are the latest trend in urban gardens, as they take advantage of space and offer all the freshness and naturalness of plants. They are grown on special supports that offer that compact appearance, maximizing space.


To make it look like a real orchard on the wall, the trick is to put the pots together as much as possible. This pack of 3 pots, from CitySens, includes neon photos, a brazil philodendron, and a scandens philodendron. The stand is made of 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene and you can choose it in white, gray, or black. It has a price of € 55.


This vertical garden is made of high quality recycled felt that comes from leftovers from other manufactures. The support is very easy to hang, they do not create humidity and decorate. It is from Vertiflor and the one with 9 pots cost € 69.50. It is also available in 3 pots or even 15.


You have so many options. From a trellis with climbing plants or succulents, to tall support with several shelves or even a ladder or a wooden pallet. Any wall is valid to install a vertical garden. In many specialty stores, they sell the rack ready for you to grow your own vertical garden, but you can also place several pots close together with hanging plants. When they grow and bloom, the effect will be similar.


If you love gardening, but you don’t have space, this Amazon proposal is what you are looking for. It has capacity for 24 plants (there are 8 stackable containers with space for three plants) and can be placed both on the floor and on the wall. Also, it is equipped with a drip irrigation system, which will facilitate its maintenance. You can buy it for € 139.79 (regular price: € 149.95).


If you don’t want your plants to damage the wall, a great option is to hang some pots at different levels that offer the same effect. And the idea works for both exterior and interior. In fact, the kitchen is a great space, since it will benefit from the humidity that is produced in it and you will always have delicious aromatics with which to flavor your dishes.


If you don’t want to start by installing a proper vertical garden, get a shelf –also vertical–, which saves space and allows you to develop your gardening skills. This is from La Redoute and has three levels. It costs € 119.


Believe it or not, vertical gardens have many benefits indoors as well. They offer all the advantages of plants, in the minimum space, and with high decorative power. According to the Norwegian Jørn Viumdal, “Indoor vertical gardens contribute to increasing well-being and reducing stress levels for both adults and children. Furthermore, they are decorative and beautiful to look at.” It’s the Skogfult method and we love it! ”


What better way to get started in the art of vertical gardens than with a starter kit? They sell it at El Corte Inglés and it costs € 39.95. Includes the garden stand (29 x 66 cm), a small sprayer, some seeds, and a shovel. You no longer have an excuse!


This proposal simulates a green wall and stands out for its ability to give any environment a touch of nature. The frame measures 40 x 40 cm and is designed for 9 small plants. You can do as in the image and allocate each 3 to a different species or place a different one in each mini container. It is available in gray and white and is very easy to install. Its great advantage is that it offers a self-watering system and also incorporates the substrate. It costs € 110.40 and is from Vertical Garden.


For those denied to plants or for those who do not want to spend too much time on it. This option offered by IKEA allows you to create authentic green wall mantels with various pieces. Place them from floor to ceiling in a setback and the room will gain in freshness and color. Each FEJKA panel measures 26 x 26 cm and costs € 3.


With this option, Maisons du Monde offers all the beauty of plants with a minimum of care. Wood, green, and graphite black create a natural and very contemporary setting. Perfect for those who don’t have a knack with plants. It’s called Flavie, it measures 70 x 70 cm and has a depth of 17 cm.


In a way, vertical gardens have always been there. In a more or less traditional way. Thanks to climbing plants, all the greenery of a lush garden can be emulated on a wall. Bougainvillea, honeysuckle, passionflower, or ivy are some of the fast-growing ones that offer spectacular results in record time.


This option proposed by IKEA is decorative, practical and offers a rustic touch to any terrace or balcony worth it’s salt. It is also great to place climbers and not complicate your life. This grayish wood trellis is called ASKHOLMEN and costs € 20.


If you want to fill your balcony with plants but do not want to give up space, a vertical garden is the best option. You can even plant a mini urban garden with lettuce or strawberries. Its assembly is very simple and no tools are necessary. You can buy the Mini Garden set for 9 plants for € 49.95 (regular price € 52.95).


Growing your own plants at home is possible. Whether you have a mini balcony or a terrace, your recipes need these aromatic plants full of flavor and properties. Do you dare?


It is an aromatic outdoor plant that is very easy to care for. It adds a lot of flavor to meals and we can also add them both inside and outside the home. The only thing this plant does require is a lot of suns. So, if you have a good outdoor terrace or balcony with lots of light, take advantage of it to plant rosemary.


It is not one of the best known aromatic plants, but it is often used a lot in the kitchen. Tarragon is an aromatic plant with a fairly strong smell, which is why it is used to flavor vinegar, sauces, or salads. Regarding its care, tarragon is a plant that does not tolerate very cold climates or humidity very well.


Mint is one of the aromatic plants with the most flavor and freshness to add to our favorite dishes in the kitchen. Now you can also have this aromatic plant at home, delighting you with its fresh aroma. Of course, it also requires a lot of light and regular watering, although without flooding.


Peppermint has a scent very similar to mint, but somewhat milder. In cooking, it is usually used especially in baking. As for care, it needs a sunny or semi-shady place to grow in perfect condition.


It is a medicinal plant with many beneficial properties for health, but it is also one of our favorite condiments. Its cultivation is simple since it requires a lot of suns and moderate watering. Also, dill is one of the aromatic herbs that best combines with fish, specifically with salmon. If you have a special occasion, you have to try the Wellington salmon with dill. And it is delicious!


There is no pasta dish without basil! In Italian cuisine, it is one of the essential plants for cooking. And it is that this species provides a spectacular flavor and aroma that makes dishes as simple as pizza or pasta, become a real delicacy. This aromatic is also widely used in other dishes such as sauces, stews, or even salads. As for care, basil needs semi-shade, so it will be much more recommended if you grow it with the rest of your aromatic indoor plants.


Sage is an excellent outdoor aromatic plant to give a special flavor to stews, sauces, and rice dishes due to the sweetness that it brings with a bitter touch. Also highly valued among medicinal plants. Although it can be grown at home, it is advisable to put it outside and directly in the ground, as it will last longer. As for care, it requires a lot of light, a dry environment, and moderate watering.


Along with basil, this plant is one of the most used plants for cooking, but also one of the most delicate. So that it lasts much longer, it is advisable to leave it inside the house. To grow parsley, we can buy it already grown or with seeds. As for its care, it requires semi-shade and damp soil.


Thyme is a very aromatic plant with many medicinal properties. Also, it is a very resistant plant especially if we grow it in the ground. If we grow in a pot, it must be well-drained.


It will be difficult for you to find flowering lavender plants in September, so get yourself a lavender scent. It will be ideal for the whole house and especially for the bedroom. Lavender fights post-vacation slump and also helps regulate sleep.


Laurel is an aromatic plant widely used in cooking to marinate dishes, flavor stews or soups. You can use both its fresh and dried leaves. As for care, this plant needs semi-shade to prevent its leaves from drying out and moderate watering. This aromatic plant is used to drought, so if we add a lot of water, it will most likely spoil.


It is an aromatic herb very similar to parsley or basil, so it requires very similar care. In the kitchen, coriander is a species that is used very frequently both in stews, sauces, or salads. In the Canary Islands, coriander is one of the essential aromatics to make one of its most typical sauces, mojo.


  1. Choose the right place for each plant: find out about the needs of each of the plants and check well what type of light, substrate, and irrigation they need so that they last much longer.
  2. Separate the plants by types: there are perennials and other annual or biennial plants.
  3. Each one has different needs so it is better to group them by life cycles.
  4. Group by irrigation needs: their maintenance will be much easier and they will also be better preserved.
  5. Better try to group: these plants are usually very delicate and small so it is better than under the previous recommendations, plant them in groups.
  6. It reproduces by cuttings: aromatic plants are very easy to reproduce, which allows us to multiply the garden and in a more affordable way.
  7. Do not overwater: these types of plants are usually watered quite frequently and it is a mistake.