Organizing an express wedding: everything you need to know

The best solution would be to have the services of a specialized wedding planner. However, if this is not the case, nothing is impossible with a clear mind and a good organization.

Organizing a wedding is difficult. Too many things, too many details, too much stress … If, besides, it is an express wedding, how to organize it in the minimum of time? Next, we explain how to achieve it without losing your nerves.

Express wedding

If you have decided to take the big step as soon as possible and celebrate the wedding practically now, surely the nerves will surface and stress is present when thinking about how to organize it in a minimum of time.

Do not be overwhelmed. Indeed, the greatest enemy may be precisely the nerves. If you organize yourself well and calmly, everything can go perfectly. Take note of our advice.

First of all, the place and the date

There may be many reasons why a couple decides to get married as soon as possible. Maybe they are going to move together to another country, the arrival of a baby … In any case, you should always bear in mind that, even if you want it to be now, the bureaucracy is slow.

For example, in Spain marriages, both civil and religious, usually take a long time to celebrate once they have been requested, especially in large cities. Therefore, the first thing you decide must be the place where the wedding is going to be held and, thus, according to the date they give you, to be able to start organizing it as soon as possible.

Do not take long to notify the guests

Once you have the date and time, the next step is to make the guest list and notify them of the event. If it’s hard for you and your partner, it’s hard for them too. They will have to check their agendas, make changes, organize themselves to be prepared to attend the event, etc.

For that reason, the sooner you notify them, the better. Besides, more guests will be able to attend if you have notified them in advance.

Hire a wedding planner for your express wedding

If you have no idea and, besides, you have little time for preparations, you should have the services of a professional, a wedding planner. Without a doubt, he will be able to help you and give you a break.

A wedding planner knows how to organize such an event and has in his files a selection of banquet venues, photographers, ideas, prices, etc. For that reason, you will save precious time in having to do research and market research on your own.

The banquet at an express wedding

The point is to limit the list of things to do. Therefore, for an express wedding, it is better that you decide to celebrate the banquet in a place that includes everything: music, decoration, etc.

Thus, do not hesitate to choose a venue for your express wedding that can organize absolutely everything in minimum time and reducing the list of tasks for you.

The suits

Obviously, you will not have much time to go from store to store looking for a dress or suit. For this reason, it is much better to go to a wedding dress and gown store that has a wide variety. In this way, you may be lucky and can find yours in just one visit.

Also, you should keep in mind that if the suits need repairs, they may be ready in about twenty days or so. Therefore, it is better to go to a specialized store and start looking to make a decision as soon as possible.

Besides, you must bear in mind that, if there are bridesmaids, the choice of their dresses can also be slow. Therefore, it is better to choose the same pattern for all of them, that is, that they all have the same design.

The details

If you do not have a wedding planner, the best thing is that as soon as possible you attend to the rest of the details that a wedding implies: rings, photographs, stylists, etc.

For this, you can always count on the help of friends who have already gone through having to organize a wedding. They will surely be able to offer you contacts and advice with proven experience and their personal opinion.

Keep calm to plan an express wedding

A normal wedding planned well in advance already creates stress. In the case of an express wedding, it is logical that it could be much more. However, losing your temper or getting angry about unforeseen events is never going to help. On the contrary, we will waste time getting angry while we should invest it in continuing with the planning.

So take it easy. Accept that there will be unforeseen events and that surely everything will not go exactly as you had planned. However, above all, think that it is about enjoying your wedding day, with its imperfections and its successes, and not about a race against time that will make you exhausted until the big day.

Honeymoon trip

The honeymoon can be a separate chapter in terms of your organization. Therefore, if you want to have more time, you don’t need to plan it from now, but you can decide to travel at another time in the future.

In any case, you should be clear if you want a honeymoon abroad or in the country where you live. Thus, if you want to cross the borders, you must first make sure that you have valid passports because, otherwise, you will only be able to decide on a national destination.

In any case, you can always postpone the trip and do it later, where you really want.