Lies Men Tell To Women In Love

Lies Men Tell to Women-relationship-love
Lies Men Tell to Women-relationship-love

Sometimes, you are confused about why the man that you’re dating acts with a different way.. You feel that the men how you got to know and thought you understood too much, behaves in a strange way and says things that are incomprehensibleS, to the point of doubting the veracity of his statements, after you believed all his words and feelings, and you trusted his behavior …
Why didn’t he tell me if he complain about problems!
Around in this article, I’m gonna reveal how men think and what they lie about?I’m gonna give you some powerful informations to show you the type of man you’re dating, and if he’s worth keeping.

What I want to tell you are the five lies a man told a woman, which will help you judge whether he is sincere about your intentions. This will give you a deeper understanding of why men say certain things and what they have always wanted to tell you:

1- I Wouldn’t Sex For Sex, But I Want To Know You More Deeply.

It’s one of the most common lies men tell women! Maybe you heard it yourself! This can be expressed in another way, such as by suggesting that you complete the rest of the time in the house, rather than in the public space because he gets bored there.
Some men can even go so far as to be friends with a woman for years in the hope that one day the woman will change her mind.
In order not to be extremists by thinking badly about men, we must admit that some men really want to immerse themselves in the knowledge of a friend who could one day become a life partner in the future, but why necessarily go through sleeping and sleeping together!
When choosing the woman you want to be. Therefore, since the person first considers sleeping with you, you must wait as long as possible before deciding to sleep with him (if you accept it). I fully support women’s right to enjoy their own sexual freedom. If you just want to sleep with a man and don’t want to find a good relationship, I will fully support it!
However, if you really like this guy and your goal is to be in a long term relationship with him, wait as long as possible to sleep together.
The reason it’s best to wait as long as possible, maybe even months, to sleep with him, is that it gives you time to really get to know each other. If you have dates, don’t invite him over to your house at the end of the night for a drink ! just kiss him at the door.
If he says he wants you to have dinner at his house on the third date, tell him it’s a nice offer, but you’d like to take him to a new restaurant …, try to avoid them. dinners at home or at home early. Being inside a house is a trap to make you sleep with him.
Once a guy sleeps with a woman, his mission is over and the chase is over! Remember that men are like hunters and love to hunt. If he spends two to three months getting to know you as a person, and not just someone he likes to see naked, he will begin to realize how much he actually loves you.

Have you been dating a man for months, if not years, who refuses to call you his girlfriend? If his reason is that he doesn’t believe the label, then he must be lying, using lying as an excuse.

You shouldn’t put up with a man who doesn’t want to engage with you after you’ve seen him for several months, if he doesn’t want to engage with you after a few months, he won’t do it later either, and he will certainly not consider marrying you.
You should be with a man who loves you and respects you. Probably the best way for you to deny a loving relationship with a high quality man is to have enough emotional relationships to let go of those who don’t treat you as you deserve and stay close. of you, the true lover. 

3- I’m Gonna Leave Her For You

I will leave it for you!
First of all, a high-quality man will never deceive his girlfriend or spouse. Therefore, you should already know that the person you see is not the kind of person you can settle with him.
If he is cheating on you, what will stop him from cheating on you in the future? That being said, it’s rare for a husband or someone with a longtime partner to leave her for you!
Prefer to be with someone who wants to be with you from the start, and gives up on someone who makes false promises while having their cake.

4- I Love You!

In order to lure the woman into a sexual relationship with you, and to reach the unbridled desire to sleep with the woman, some men may resort to using the phrase that the woman loves to hear, which is: I love you!
But before you believe his words, you must ensure that his feelings are clear and sincere. How can you be sure that he is not a liar?

  • If he does not feel emotional attraction, and seeing you constantly, because sincere love makes a man constantly miss you;
  • The desire to communicate with you constantly, and his automatic participation in talking to you and not being hypocritical;
    Desire to deepen your relationship with you, admire your personality and outward appearance, and share your interests with you;
    Feeling distinguished from others.

Pride in and respect for your personality, hobbies and social life;
These are things you can rely on to gauge how sincere his words are in his love for you.


5- Sorry, I Haven’t Been Here Recently, I’ve Been Really Busy

Now things are going well, suddenly:

  • His habits of communicating with you began to change, so that his communications and messages through various social media platforms became few, and not as abundant as they were previously;
  • He called you at the last minute and asked if you want to meet in 30 minutes;
  • Maybe he only asked you to go out once every 10 days. . .
  • When you tried to make a plan, he was too busy, or he accepted the plan and then finally canceled it. You ask him what is going on, and he assures you, sorry, I am busy with work!

Listen: Maybe he has a demanding job, but you still deserve the time he would devote to you.
If he gets used to apologizing, it’s because he doesn’t care about you anymore.
The man may love you, he may love dating you, but he has already decided if he doesn’t want a relationship with you, and that you are just one of the women he is dating. ..If you let this continue, it will eventually disappear; and stop talking to you altogether.

Listen: I’ve had friends and I’m listening to guys talk about this, how they introduced you to four to five women that they just keep in detention, and that’s literally a word I’ve heard used, they keep them in detention and they just do it by contacting them all.

So often we get together, you know once every two weeks, and the sad part is these women think a relationship is growing, but they don’t watch the action! If you’ve been dating a man who has apologized more than once and has been really busy, it’s time to stop letting him chain you and take control of the situation.

Now you might be wondering how can I get her to love me more?
This man is manipulating you through your feelings. You can take control by saying,: Look, I understand that you’re busy, it’s fine, so I think it’s probably best if we stop seeing each other, I’m looking for someone who’s serious, and wants to make me a priority for him, so I wish you the best!
If the man can get angry, that’s just a great indicator that he’s often a self-centered man, who can easily approach blame rather than look in depth.

Now that you know the five lies men tell women, you can use this knowledge to find out if the man in your life has manipulated you to his advantage or if he is, in fact, a great man with good intentions.