How Understand Your Baby From Crying?


How Understand Your Baby From Crying?

– if your baby cries for 5 or 6 seconds and then stops for 20 seconds, it is a call where they feel and need you now;
– if the baby weeps and comes close, he or she is crying, he or she is quick to start moving his or her head and sounds his mouth, he says it is time to feed him, he or she is hungry;
– if the child weeps and weeps in the eye and ears, he is tired and wants to sleep;
– if the child weeps more frequently and is more stable than others, the child feels pain;
– if the crying is accompanied by oscillation of arms and legs, it is a discomfort or discomfort and the teat should be immediately checked or clothing, or the child may be very cold or hot;
– if crying is accompanied by a very severe meltage, the child feels the gas bulge;
– if you’re weeping strangely and can’t control it, it’s a bored feeling and the best solution is to take it out on a picnic or see the street at least.



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