How To Understand a Pregnant Woman?

The stage of pregnancy in women is one of the most beautiful and happiest stages, but at the same time involves psychological changes that can be reflected in their social relationships.
It was at this point that I learned a set of things that I had never known before. Among these things:

How to Deal With a Pregnant Woman or mother of a newborn baby

  • I learned not to blame a pregnant woman because she doesn’t treat me the same as usual, her behavior is suspicious … instead she treats me with different moods, and her mood changes from time to time … So we should not blame him much for his behavior, especially in his last months.
  • I learned not to judge the cleanliness of the house of a pregnant woman in the last month, or of a recent childbirth, and her child does not need this world except that her mother stays by her side 24 hours / 24h. She does a bigger and more important job than cleaning the house in order to make fun of some of her companions or some of her acquaintances and relatives.
  • I learned not to judge a woman who decided to stop breastfeeding because of the pain (breastfeeding pain is like pulling nails from her hands). No one will fear for the child as much as the mother fears for her baby, and you will not find a mother capable of making such a decision until all possible attempts to avoid the pain have been exhausted.
  • I have learned not to ask a mother of a newborn baby questions such as: When are you going to lose weight? Are you satisfied with this obesity? Is there yet another child in the womb? … All these questions betray the rudeness of others;
  • I learned not to give advice, I refrain from offering a lot of advice to the mother, unless she wants to and wonders about some things because she is tense, her psyche is strange, and her body is painful and confused with her baby and with her needs throughout the day;
  • I learned not to tell women who are angry about certain behaviors or mood swings: you are not the first woman to give birth, or the last woman … Rather, you are the first woman giving birth, and you are not like other women. Every child has a different personality and needs from others, and every woman is different from the rest of the women.

Pregnancy is difficult, So Excuses a Pregnant Woman:

Pregnancy is difficult .. childbirth itself is difficult .. the first child difficult .. caring for a child is a difficult responsibility. Therefore, the awareness of the existence of these changes excuses a pregnant woman, or newborn baby, not to lose the friendships and social relationships that can be distinguished ….