How To Prepare Puffed and Crunchy Potato At Home

puffed crunchy potato for kids at home
puffed crunchy potato for kids-home

Puffed and crunchy potato at home? Here’s how it works at home!

The potato stands out for its delicious taste, with its many benefits and the different ways to prepare it from mashed potatoes or puffed potatoes or Potato Souffle with different taste and texture to give you each a dish. aperitif different from the other.
You can also boil potatoes to add to salads, but the method we offer you today is very fresh and delicious, apply it in 3 very easy and simple steps for an unusually puffed potato dish .

How Prepare Puffed and Crunchy Potato?

The first step:

Clean the potatoes well and remove their skin completely, cut them into very thin circles, wash them to remove the starch layer on its surface and then soak them in water for a quarter of an hour.

The second step:

In a deep bowl, add to the amount of cold water two tablespoons of baking powder until it melts well and add fine chips to it. Soak the potatoes for two hours to absorb a large amount of baking powder, which will help them swell while frying.

The third step:

After waiting two hours, remove the potato slices from the water and filter them well. Heat the oil well and add a few slices of potatoes, do not overdo it to add more, to keep the oil temperature high, which is one of the main factors of swelling.

While frying potato slices you will notice that it has started to swell, let it brown on the outside, then remove it from the hot oil and serve it hot with a pinch of salt and spices as you wish or alongside a delicious cocktail sauce for a complete and delicious appetizer dish.