How to Make Cheap Organic Baby Food?

Easy, Homemade Baby Food!

I think one of the stigmas about making baby food is that you need a bunch of really fancy, you know food processors and all this stuff to do it really. that is so not the case

All  What do you need to make Food for Your Baby

All you need is:

  • a good old-fashioned blender;
  • and you also need food storage containers, but you guys seriously these don’t have to be fancy either. I love these just because they freeze so well. Choose  littlies containers like sheets for more organizer;
  • Organic carrots;
  • Organic green beans;
  • Organic sweet potato;
  • And organic sweet peas;
  • You just need some basic things to cook or steam your vegetables.
    My best advice is to steam your veggies, because it traps more of the nutrients inside, and I just use a little steamer. And this is what I’m gonna use for steaming the broccoli, and for the sweet potato.
  • Secondary pot
organic baby food,cheap
organic baby food

Process of Cooking

So let me get started, and describe you my process for cooking this up, and storing it.

  • I’ve got my peas. I am going to cook these for about five to seven minutes.
  • Once this water is boiling and when it boils, you bring it down to a simmer,
  • and I’m gonna steam these for the green beans, they’re in local little steamer down below, you just put a little tiny water in the bottom of the pan, I’m gonna steam these so it’s been just a couple of minutes and things are starting to get rolling the peas are heating up,
  • This is cooking and my sweet potato, I just peeled it and chopped it up into little wedges just one potato, and I am bringing that to a boil. Ideally it is best to steam sweet potatoes. If boiling, make sure to save the water to add to your puree(many nutrients are in it!);
  • So I went ahead and peeled and chopped up the carrots, and things are progressing while over here, I brought my Peas down to just a light simmer to finish cooking them,  green beans are almost done, the sweet potato is going well; and we are getting close to throwing these carrots in and starting blending.
  • So the peas are now into the blender, make sure you save a little bit of extra water just to pour in, and that way it’s gonna reserve all the nutrients,  because that’s the water that the peas were boiled in.
  • I’m just going to add a little bit more water here, and we will put this back on liquefy;
  • And there you go my friends that is just about perfect baby food, and if I want to even blend this a little bit further I might get it a little bit smoother, and make it a little bit more watered down, especially if this is one of the first times that your child is going to be trying it.
  • Now that my peas are done, we’ll come over and check over here looks like these green beans are also good to go (You’ll know they are done if you can easily pierce them with a fork), and I’m going to take these out pop them in the blender in a second, and sweet potatoes are done;
  • take these off the heat, and we’ll let those sit for just a second. so I just dropped the green beans in, and all the peas have been put into their designated containers, and I don’t wash this out or clean it out this is good food, why you know you can’t get all the little residue so just have it in a little bit with the green beans those flavors are good together and wait.
    And there you go green beans are done.
  • I’m just gonna put these into the containers, and I just put the sweet potato in again. I didn’t rinse it out, it’s okay that the peas and green beans mix up with a little bit of it it’ll make it good flavors; carrots are steaming while I’m getting these sweet potatoes together.
  • Follow the same process to blend the cooked sweet potato and carrots. Use the “liquefy” setting and add water you reserved from the pot to the blender;
  • Now the carrots are done, and you guys can see how bright orange these are that’s so awesome just even compared to like the canned carrots this just you cannot beat it;
  • This is the complete yield of everything (all of these are four ounce containers, and then these are 2 ounce containers), and what I did was I just went through with a sharpie, and just a  piece of masking tape, and labeled it with the date and what is inside.

Benifits: Healthy, Organic,Cheap Food for your baby

This same amount of organic food bought packaged, in-store would have cost me over $30; But I spent just $9.

Look at the piece that I just made can you guys see that like these are bright, green and these carrots are bright orange. It just goes to show and makes you really think about how many more nutrients are packed into this when you’re doing it yourself. So put this in the freezer.