How to clean the iron and make it perfect

Ironing is a process that can have more pros than cons if we don’t have the iron in perfect condition. The remains of lime and other minerals that are deposited on the base can end up ruining our favorite shirt, or those white pants that we want to wear to go out to dinner. Therefore, so that this does not happen, it is advisable to clean the iron from time to time with specific products, or certain homemade tricks. Baking soda is a clear example of them, but there is more.

If you want to have your iron shiny, like the first day, do not stop reading. Here are some tips to clean your iron and make it perfect.

How to clean your iron

It is rare for those who do not have sodium bicarbonate at home, an infallible remedy for many occasions, especially if we have gone overboard with excess food. In case you don’t know, it can also come in handy to leave the iron as if you had just bought it. The first thing you have to do is mix two tablespoons of baking soda with one of the water. If you have it distilled much better since it will not have lime or other impurities. Next, mix everything until it is doughy and spread this paste on the base of the griddle. You can do it with your fingers or using a hairbrush.

Wait a few minutes until this preparation works, with a maximum of ten minutes it is perfect. Now, take a slightly damp cloth or cloth and remove the paste. Don’t forget to dry with a clean, dry cloth. To clean the steam holes, nothing better than using a cotton swab (the ones we use to clean the ears). If you do not have empty the water tank, do it, to fill it next with distilled water. You can also prepare a mixture of distilled water with white vinegar (for example, two parts distilled water to one part vinegar). Turn on the iron and turn it to the maximum temperature with the steam option activated so that it passes through the small holes and finishes removing all the dirt that is in the tank.

Before ironing your favorite shirt, it is best to try ironing an old shirt. In this way, your iron will finish cleaning itself correctly and will gradually eliminate the residues that remain without damaging a special garment.

Other tricks to clean the iron

  • Use toothpaste: Another way to clean the iron and make it look perfect is with toothpaste. You just have to apply a little to the base of the iron, scrub it and cover it to rub later with a clean and dry cloth. After this, turn it on and release the steam for a few moments.
  • With salt: Add salt to a dry cloth and turn on the iron. When hot, rub the base with the cloth until there is no trace of dirt marks.
  • With laundry detergent: Another great trick to clean your iron is to use laundry detergent. Pour some into hot water and dampen a cloth to rub the base of the iron. This is the best solution if you have a non-stick griddle.
  • With newspaper: This solution comes in handy if you notice the sticky base of the plate. Set it to maximum temperature without water and with the steam, option turned off. Then do as if you were ironing the newspaper until you see that it does not stick and it goes smoothly.

As you can see there are many solutions and tricks to clean the iron and have it as if you had just bought it. If you have another idea that can help us, do not hesitate to leave your contribution in the comments section.