How Help Child To Be More Smarter

“How can I make my son smarter?”: a question whose answer haunts most parents.Nutrition plays a very important role in the development of the child at its various stages, in terms of physical and mental development. As the vital substances present in many foods contribute to the regeneration and multiplication of cells, as well as to the elimination of their excreta and dead cells. As the parents observe the constant change in the physical structure of the child, they wish their son success in his school future and they use the quality of the food which has a positive effect on the child’s work brain.

How Help Child To Be More Smarter?

As a mother, how can you nutritionally help your child to increase their intelligence in order to be happy in his studies and build your child’s self-esteem

, how can you focus and improve their academic performance and be more smarter, in order to be happy in his studies?

  • Give your child back to green tea instead of black, especially on school days, because it is more beneficial for his memory;
  • Feed your baby fish grilled at least twice a week, because it is rich in omega-3, which is essential and very useful for memory;
  • During his studies, offer your child a glass of garland syrup, or include it in his meals, because it is a stimulant of his memory;
  • Make peanuts one of your child’s purchases and take them to school, along with the nuts, which are high in fats that promote memory;
  • Make sure that your son takes 3 servings of fruit a day, as a healthy snack between meals, and his consumption is not less than two servings of vegetables, as they are able to protect brain cells, stimulate memory and eliminate fatigue;
  • Make natural, unsweetened dried fruits from raisins, apricots, dates, etc. A healthy snack for your child while they are at school.
  • Make sure that your son lets out a glass of milk before leaving home for his school, and Cuba on his return, because it will refresh his memory;
  • Eggs contain essential elements for your child’s memory; So make sure you give him an egg a day, and give him boiled over the weekend instead of pastries and the like;
  • Encourage your son to move around in games and sports, it is essential to stimulate memory and increase his concentration;
  • Refer your child to a teaspoon of honey, and it is better to be in the morning on an empty stomach, because the brain gets its energy from sugars. So replace the candies with honey, and use dates and black honey to make candies …

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