How Bleaching Your Dirty Laundry Easily

How Bleaching Your Dirty Laundry Easily
Bleaching Dirty Laundry Easily

Before the sunny days set in, it’s a good time to take care of your grayish white laundry.
When you have greyish white laundry, drop the vanish in its pink plastic bottle which is so bad for us and the environment.
But how do we do it? Well yes how !?
Bleach? Oh no, my good lady! That too is not good for biodiversity at all (Are you not a good lady? This article is for you anyway).
So to get back to the subject, here’s how to bleach your laundry:

  • put the laundry in a basin;
  • sprinkle with sodium percarbonate (non-polluting natural product, whitening agent), it is found in bulk at La Vrac’Rie (for the premises of the stage) and in paper bags in organic stores;
  • cover the laundry with hot water;

Be careful, percarbonate is only active from 40 degrees and it foams … (even hotter = even more effective).
And that’s all ! Cool right?
Leave to soak for the desired time, 1 hour or overnight, it will depend on the gray level of the laundry.
For a long soak you can replace the basin with a metal container to keep the water hot longer. But not in raw aluminum because that guns it down (it’s real life).

  • Do not use wool or other delicate on the other hand! And never mix percarbonate and bleach !!
  • if you put on a garment with patterns, color etc, the color will lose its intensity.
    Percarbonate does not detail.
  • And you can also add 1 to 2 tablespoons of percarbonate in your white machine that will maintain it as you go, it will turn gray less quickly.

Do you like that trick?