Give Generously Love And Affection To Seniors

Give Generously Love And Affection To Seniors

 The Elderly Need Love And Affection

They should not be abandoned:

* The elderly need care, appeasement, affection, tenderness, kindness, compassion, patience, vigilance and sacrifice even more than children.
* Regarding the elderly: The word that did not comfort them when they were in power now hurts them.
And the word that hurt them before, is killing them now !!
* As for the elderly, they have lost much of their youthful vigor, bodily health, elegance, glory of position, bustle of life!
* The elderly have lost their parents and many of their companions, their hearts are hurt and their souls withdrawn into much grief.
* The elderly are no longer the center of homes and families as they once were, so be careful and don’t be fools, and you will be miserable !!
* The elderly can lie and not sleep, they can eat and not digest, they can laugh and not be happy, and they can shed their tears under their smile.
* Elderly people are hurt by your distance, your expulsion from their neighborhood and your work with your phone in their presence.
* Older people need someone to listen to their speech, listen to their words, and appear content with their presence.
* Older people are more important than children to care for, have compassion for and feel them.
* The elderly need a smile on their face, a beautiful word that touches their ears, a caring hand that extends to their mouths, and a mind that is not constricted by their visions .
* Elderly people have a void that rational and compassionate people must fill.
* The elderly have left the pleasure station, and are in the departure waiting room while waiting for the caller to answer them.
* The elderly are close to God .. Their pleas are more acceptable .. So take advantage of this vigil the day before tomorrow.
* The elderly are the father, mother, grandfather, grandmother and other relatives who have clouded feelings and stiffen their feelings.
Make them live happy days, bright nights, and seal their book of life with pleasant pages of justice and happiness, even if the place is empty, you will not regret.
-They are old now, and they will go, and for a little while you will be that old man. So see what you are a maker and what you are a farmer!
Be the substitute for what they have lost, and be the spring for the fall of their life, and be the crutch for the rest.
Peace be upon the aged, and peace upon those who care for the aged.


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