Five Powerful Tips To Make Man Miss You

Powerful Tips To Make a Man Miss You Like a Crazy
Powerful Tips To Make a Man Miss You Like a Crazy

Many women aspire to find the answer to the question: how do I make me constantly miss the man? The word “I miss you”, which every woman longs to hear, because it expresses the extent of the other party’s attachment to her, as desire is an important fuel and a basic motivation for the romantic relationship, because it is one of the foundations of the relationship between a man and a woman.
Has the spark of excitement diminished in your relationship with your partner? Haven’t you enjoyed the time you spend together anymore? Is boredom seeping into your relationship due to your habit of each other?
Don’t worry, familyandplants reveals 5 ways to make her nostalgic for you, fuel her desire for you and wish you were by her side all the time:

How To Make Man Miss You?

1 – Stop contacting him frequently:

This is your first rule regarding the question of desire. Don’t make the call or correspondence first, but make them feel your absence and ask them why.
This way, he will feel anxious and call you to listen to your voice and relieve his desire for you.
Avoid flooding your husband’s phone with successive messages, so as not to disturb him with your “unwarranted” insistence and see insecurity or confidence in your behavior. And if that happened and you sent him a letter during working hours and didn’t get a quick response from him, relax and take care of other matters that are relevant to you and do not consider his delay in responding as a decrease for you or proof of your absence from his mind. One message is enough to make him miss it!

2 – Do not answer his message immediately:

Whatever type of question they ask you, make them wait a few minutes before answering. You might think that this method will make her lose interest in you, but quite the opposite. Waiting for him makes you wonder why you are absent and what distracts you from him. After 10 minutes, for example, respond to him and let him know that you value your time without him. It will make him miss it even more and he will always want to talk to you.
Don’t rush to answer your phone or reply to your husband’s messages, but take your time and don’t rush, because he will be waiting for you and not going anywhere! In other words, intentionally delay his response until he feels lonely and misses you more. And beware of a quick response which may express your desperate desire and yearning for her attention. This is what you don’t want of course.

3 – Leave a trace of yourself:

Give her a special piece of your loved one. So every time he sees this accessory, he will definitely remember you, he will feel nostalgic and wish to be with you.

4- Make him a note:

You might think this method is very childish and won’t work, but have you ever tried it? Leave him a note like “I love you” secretly in his wallet, this is how you will surprise him when he sees it and he will like this crazy idea. You will also arouse their curiosity about the next step you are about to take, which will cause them to miss you and your exciting little projects.
Write your husband a simple message that expresses your interest in him and that you think of him at all times, such as saying to him, for example, “Have a nice day my love!”, “I love your smile!”, And put it away. it among his things or in his food bag so that he can read it when you are away from him and stay in his memory all day and until the date night after a long day at work.

5 – Go out with your friends, enjoy your time with them and be happy.

Your husband will notice your absence, and you will certainly miss you and you near him, but at the same time, he will appreciate the opportunity for him to gain some freedom. After all, marriage is not a cage like we are supposed to believe! Enjoy your time with your friends: if you really want to miss him, you need to get away from him a bit. Go shopping, watch movies, or eat with your girlfriends, as long as you tell her about your fun day with them. Thus, he will be afraid of losing you and you will make him cling more and more to you.

In a useful summary, give your husband some space of freedom and privacy, take care of yourself and give him enough time to relax, have fun and be happy !!!