Daily Routine For Keeping a Clean Home Easily

Habits For Keeping A Clean House
Habits For Keeping A Clean House
Habits For Keeping A Clean House
Habits For Keeping A Clean House

I always believe that you are born, either a clean and tidy person, or you are not. I put myself in the last category, because I am born lazy, I am lazy, I don’t like cleanliness, my living environment always reflects this, but it’s not the case, because I have been able to change my life now I have become a clean and tidy person. I tell you, it is possible for me, it is possible for you, I never thought I would be that person, but I don’t have it now, and it’s not even that difficult.
I will share the little things I do every day, which are added together by maintaining a clean, organized and tidy living environment.

1- Make Your Bed In The Morning

I’m sure you have heard it many times, this is to get up in the morning! I find that when I make the bed, it just starts a new day on the right track, it only takes a few minutes, but this will make your whole room cleaner and more comfortable, this next habit may treat me better than any other way All help.

2- Keep My Counters Safe From Things:

The counter can simply become a magnet for the debris, and the debris will continue to rely on itself. Therefore, I know that I have a policy, except for the necessities on the counter, I do not keep anything, and all other items are placed in drawers or cabinets. It will make the whole room more tidy and it will become very obvious and obvious when you make a policy not to put things on the counter, when things are missed. Therefore, for me, it is a good reminder and trigger to give up everything, so this habit completely changed the game for me

3- Clean While I Cook:

 Therefore, the tip to simplify this operation is to keep a small container on the counter, just as a mini trash can, so that you don’t have to walk around the trash can often. I find that it is better to wash now rather than later, because if you wash later, you may feel uncomfortable and start to become a mess. So my purpose of cooking is to have no downtime. When the water is boiling or something is baking in the oven, I will use this time to clean everything, so once it’s done, I don’t have to worry about any cleaning in the future.

4- The One-Touch Method Is Fairly Self-Explanatory

The key is that when you put down something, you just have to touch it. Therefore, no matter where you put the item, you should place it in its final location, not elsewhere, and you must lift it up later. Therefore, when I return home, I will think for a second before putting it back in the closet where it belongs, instead of putting the jacket on the sofa. Therefore, this one-touch method sounds really simple, but I want to tell you that if you follow it, it will greatly change your living environment and the way you handle things.
Now, I will show you how this can be applied to different elements of the email. What I want to do now is to process emails as soon as I receive them every day, instead of letting them pile up. So, what I have to do is to check everything carefully, and then sort them into the heap, so there is spam, there are coupons, these are operations, so these are invoices that require payment or other things that need to be processed, and then only need The things submitted for reference may be for tax purposes or similar purposes.
So I took everything out with a sword. What I had to do was throw away the spam, put the coupons and stocks in a separate door, then put down the things that needed to be put, take them, and then I put They are filed so that everything is solved. There is no paperwork everywhere, which is a big problem for me.

5-About the box when the package is mailed

 After opening it, I immediately disassembled it and put it in the recycling bin. I don’t let the boxes fill up. Every time you take a shower or change your clothes, your clothes will dry out.

6-I will put the clothes in the basket and put them back

Therefore, for what I have to do in the morning is when I want to wipe the bathroom countertops, I have a complete system, and the buffet solution will be connected to the kitchen to wipe the countertops after dinner, I said this is the whole process is indeed very fast, but every day Do this, you don’t have to worry about any chaos, and everything will always be clean and beautiful.

7- For My Floors, We Have Dark Hardwood;

Therefore, it shows every little dust and dust. Therefore, I don’t have to vacuum the whole house every day, but keep going. Then I bought a robot vacuum cleaner and found that it is reasonably priced and works well; this is Super practical question, the only thing I have to say is that my poor dog is afraid of things and always has big doubts about this dish.

8- I Must Treat My Dishes Immediately

My current policy is that I should dispose of the dishes immediately in order to put them in the dishwasher, and after the dishwasher runs, I will not hesitate to unload the dishes, because otherwise there will be spares in the sink Thing, and the whole problem starts again. It becomes a cycle, so usually I wash the dishwasher at night and wash it in the morning. Therefore, this is the last habit, it is indeed very simple, but also very effective.