Coronavirus: 10 tricks to disinfect the bathroom

In the midst of the pandemic, many have become obsessive about cleanliness in general. So long confined has given rise to many hours of fixes and changes at home. The State of Alarm ends shortly, but that does not mean that we have to lower our guard, Covid-19 continues to lurk out there, so the cleaning must be thorough and thorough at least once a week.

About the bathrooms, this should not be neglected, even less so than in the rest of the house. Whether you have a large bathroom or a small bathroom, or both, taking care of and leaving every corner without a trace of dirt is the key to guaranteeing proper hygiene. Here are some keys to cleaning the bathrooms thoroughly. Take note.

Clear the bathroom before you start

It is very important that before cleaning the bathrooms thoroughly you clear everything that is in the way. Whether you have unsaved cans, used towels, slippers … The important thing is that you leave a room as to free as possible of objects, with free spaces for greater comfort. Also take the opportunity to empty the garbage can, if you have one, and remove any empty toilet paper rolls out of the way.

Sweep and dust to thoroughly clean bathrooms

Once the area has been cleared, it is time to sweep the bathroom floors and remove the dust deposited on the far, closets, sink, or toilet. Don’t forget to mop the bidet as well, if you have one, roll holder, soap dish, or towel rack. The goal is to make it much easier to apply gloss disinfection products later.

Focus on the toilet

We cannot deny that when it comes to cleaning the bathrooms thoroughly, the toilet is one of the parts that need to be paid more attention. Before using a cloth that comes into contact with the surfaces, add bleach, or the disinfectant of your choice. Since bleach takes time to work, you must apply it as soon as possible. After a few minutes, use a brush and sweep it all over the toilet areas, internal and external walls.

For the outside area of ​​the toilet, take a ball or cloth with an antibacterial product and pass it through the lid, internal and external, the bottom, and the area where the cistern is located. If you see traces of lime, use an abrasive-based cleaner (powder or cream), being very careful not to damage the enamel.

Sink and taps

Cleaning the sink can have some complications, as dirt often appears in the corner joints. One trick is to use a specific toothbrush for this purpose. This way you will remove lime or any accumulated dirt much better. For the taps, we advise you to use different products depending on your type of tap:

  • Enameled or golden: avoid products that can damage this finish. Use specific products for this surface.
  • Chrome: Rub them with half a lemon to remove lime.
  • Wood: use a solution of water and bleach.


The mirror also deserves a lot of attention, since it is usually the place where the rest of the water, toothpaste, or creams go. To clean it, spray a little glass cleaner on it and wipe it with a kitchen roll-type paper.


For the bathtub, we recommend that you add a bath product, avoiding bleach, and rub in all the corners with a scouring pad. If you have bottles of shampoos and gels, put them all in a bucket to clear everything around and make cleaning easier. Then dry well and put them back. When cleaning the bathtub faucet, follow the same advice that we gave you in the section on the sink and taps.


Finally, and to finish cleaning the bathrooms thoroughly, do not forget to scrub the floor well with a product that is specific to the type of floor you have installed. If required, you can add a jet of bleach for better disinfection of these, something that now comes in handy.