Benefits of Baby Massage: Connection With Sleep And Thinking

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For hundreds of years, many cultures have used massage as part of baby care, and research has shown that massage has many benefits. Massage not only allows you to understand and respond to your baby’s body language. But this is also a wonderful way to make your baby feel safe and at ease by showing that your baby is loved and cared for. Baby massage has no hard and fast rules, it can only be done safely. Your baby and you will discover together what is best for both parties.
Remember, massage is an operation you perform on the baby, not an operation performed on the baby. It is strongly recommended that you seek the guidance and education of massage techniques from a qualified baby massage therapist, midwife or other health care expert to ensure that you are safely treated. A ten-minute massage, twice or three times a week, helps strengthen the relationship between the parents and the baby. The baby likes this relationship, and it can also help relieve the baby’s discomfort.

In today’s society, the workload of parents is heavy, whether at work or at home, which may directly affect the quality time spent with their children. Baby massage is an ancient tradition. It is simple, free, and can be performed almost anywhere. It has many emotional and physical benefits for parents and babies. Children with strong attachments are more likely to grow up confident, assured and happy.
The attachment between parents and babies is rooted in the first few months of life. Therefore, by its definition, baby massage has a profound impact on the emotional well-being of babies and can be used to gain a sense of security for growing children. Fathers can also experience the emotional benefits of baby massage, such as quality, one-to-one caress.

Baby massage and its connection with sleep and thinking

The task of establishing a regular and peaceful sleep pattern for a newborn baby often makes many parents feel frustrated and confused. Studies have shown that after correct massage, hospitalized babies will grow faster. This is largely due to the fact that the massaged babies actually spend more time keeping quiet and calm, but remain alert, and when they fall asleep, it becomes deep and very quiet. This leads to a more structured way of sleeping, and longer sleep time at night.

A massage immediately after returning home from get off work will enable parents to re-establish contact with the baby after a hard day and help both parents relax and relax. Once you and your baby have established a routine, you will have a skill that can calm your troubled child. Sometimes this is exactly what is needed. Not food, not fresh diapers, but a soothing and relaxing touch that parents can give their children.
Even if their daily habits or environment are changed due to the environment, daily massage may become the center of the baby’s routine activities at night and is an element that helps them prepare for deep, peaceful, restorative sleep. In addition, learning to relax in a busy world is a skill that parents need for themselves and their children. Studies have shown that the impact of baby massage on the physical, mental and emotional health of parents is as important as it is for babies.

Baby massage has also been shown to be beneficial for babies such as diet, gastrointestinal tract, bonding, attachment, weight gain, and overall developmental difficulties, which may also affect the baby’s overall sleep pattern. Massage can also help babies understand their bodies and stimulate brain function. The interaction between parents and children during the massage process can also stimulate the children’s intelligence, thereby improving their intelligence.