Bad Ways to Deal With Child’s Boring Behavior

Advices in raising children To Avoid Bad Ways to Deal With Child’s Boring Behavior

1- Never yell at your child, you instill fear in his mind, and create mistrust, fear and phobia
2- Talk to your child face to face and go down to his mental level so that he understands the topic.
3- Talk to your child sitting on your knees. To be level with his body, and make sure to look into his eyes when talking to him; Because the child is shorter than you in height; He feels inferior and afraid when you look at him and talk to him from above, while you are standing.
4- Never fear goblins and thieves and their punishments because they will not be fulfilled, and then he will not believe you, and he will not trust you after that.
5- Never lie to your child with promises that you do not fulfill. And avoid asking your child to lie, such as saying: “Tell someone at the door that I am not at home.” You will become accustomed to lying, so he will be a liar automatically, and he will lie to everyone, even his parents.
6- Maintain your moderate voice when talking to your child about his behavior, do not smile, be firm and serious, and talk to him in a respectful manner that does not make him lose his dignity.
7- Try the rioter’s chair (it is a chair or a place without entertainment in which the child is obliged to sit for five minutes when he gets upset), always making sure that he stays in the same room in which you are, and never send it to another room and do not close the door on it. After the end of the period when he regrets and apologizes, forgive him and kiss him and take him with your lap.
8- Reward your child when he shows good progress in his behavior. You enhance his self-confidence, and you feel his reward values.