All What You Need To Know About Madagascar Jasmine Plant

Thechnical sheet jasmine madagascar plant

Thechnical Sheet of The Plant: Madagascar Jasmine

  • Family: Asclepiadaceae
  • Type: perennial
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Color: white flowers
  • Sowing: yes
  • Cutting: yes
  • Planting: spring
  • Flowering: April to June
  • Height: up to 6 m depending on the species
  • Soil: a mixture of leaf soil (50%), peat (25%) and heather soil (25%
  • Exposure: in front of a very bright window without direct sunlight
  • Sowing date: 18 and 21 ° C can be started in spring
  • Cuttings: twigs from the previous year, in summer

Madagascar jasmine maintenance and cultivation advice

  • In summer, water to keep the root ball moist, but in winter let it dry out between two waterings. In winter, place the plant in a cooler place (around 15 ° C) for it to rest.
  • Brush the twigs if necessary, although the plant is a sparsely branched, twining liana.