9 Tips To Deal With a Stubborn Child

How to Deal With a Stubborn Child:

  1. A stubborn child is an intelligent child, and he appreciates the situation well, but he does not like being forced or receiving orders, nor does he like to be rejected;
  2. The calmer we are with him, the more calm and obedient he is. We must rely on a strategy of choosing between two things to deal with, so that he chooses psychologically comfortable.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to strike, even lightly, because the child imitates, and will remain a strong blow for him, because he is young and he does not know how to control the force of the strike;
  4. It is forbidden to shout and insult so as not to contribute to create an atmosphere of nervous tension and school delay for our children, because of shouting and conflicts, whether with children or because of family differences;
  5. The flexibility strategy must be applied and your opinion must not prevail! Talk to the child! He can have a solution that satisfies both parties, and so the child gets used to thinking and expressing his opinion.
  6. Reduce commands and prohibitions: The child has energy like you, and if every time someone says to you, “No” to everything, you will feel choking;
  7. Ask for the request indirectly. As an example, try saying a participation suggestion: “Can you help me organize the room together?”, It is better to say to him: “Organize your toys! organize your place! put your room in order! ”
  8. When your son does something healthier, praise him! Congratulate him for his help, however simple it may be, thank him!
  9. Kiss your son when you deprive him of something he loves. You don’t like him because your child forbids him to, you have to compensate him! Embrace it anytime, whether successful or unsuccessful. Don’t associate your child with your love and anger with their behavior.

Needs Of  Stubborn Child :


You always make him hear words about the good qualities available in him, as if he hears that he has a good heart and loves mum and dad, that he is successful, because anyone who hears words negative about his personality, will surrender to him and turn to that stubborn person, the monster …


By allowing him to do most of the things he wants, as long as it does not negatively affect his life or his health. Don’t reject any need, as this will increase their stubbornness, ferocity, and nervousness. For example, there is no problem if he wants to wear thick clothes in the summer, or if he wears colors that are incompatible with each other or does not want to eat a specific meal that he does not like. right now, and you can rest assured that it will improve over time, provided you teach her the right Choice skills and offer her alternatives;


Identify the broad red lines for your child that are not useful to cross or make, and it will comfort you and him, as it does not help that you are expecting a child who does not. not know the correctness of the error, that it will work all needs in a safer and healthier way, and therefore it is necessary to neglect a little, especially if The error occurred in front of other people or children.

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