9 Tips To Build a Wonderful Relationship With Your Children

A daily program to build a wonderful relationship with your children .. Follow it and the result will surprise you..

How To Build a Wonderful Relationship With Your Children?

1- Twenty minutes a day, dialogue with children as friends (without advice, school talk, or guidance).

2- Expressing feelings of friendliness and love from parents for children 5-10 times a day.

3- Praising children five times daily for the positive behavior he did.

4- Praising children five times daily on the outward appearance (his smile – his hair – his eyes – anything in it).

5- Twice a week, the son’s participation in an activity outside the home, even if it takes five minutes (walking – sport – walking – rolling him in the car)

6- Three minutes a day to fix the values ​​before bed:
– I was happy when I saw you doing such-and-such today.
– Helping your little sister was nice of you.
– Your fulfillment of the agreement is beautiful.

7 – Twice a week, dinner with the family, at home or outside, which takes a long time to complete the conversation and dialogue with the family more time.

8- From (1-3) minutes a day [Listen to our ears] and it is carried out as follows:
– Sit with the son in a quiet place and ask him to say everything he wants without restrictions, discussion, nor reply to him, nor I interrupt or complicate, and when 3 minutes are over, the session ends.

9- Express your love for your son through everyday behaviors:
* six touches a day:
– Touch on the end of the son’s head. It means “mercy.”
– Putting the hand on the head »pride»
– Putting the hand on the forehead “calming down»
– Putting the hand on the cheeks
– Hand Grip »Strengthening Relationship and Love»
– If he is angry or having negative feelings, “Wipe your hand on the chest.»

Four kisses a day:
-In the forehead «reception»
-In the head «pride .»
-In the cheek «longing»
– in the hand «reception and longing»