6 Expert Cleaning Tips You Need

Expert Cleaning Tips You Need
Expert Cleaning Tips You Need

In this article, I show you how to clean like a pro, and of course how to clean better, I want to share with you my six favorite professional cleaning tips:

1- Clean from left to right and top to bottom

The first trick is to clean from top to bottom, left to right, and you will clean at the same time.

When I started cleaning, I was everywhere, like the Tasmanian devil, I couldn’t do anything, it took more time than forgetting things. This is ridiculous! Therefore, when I heard about this technique (from top to bottom, left to right) and started implementing it, I really noticed a change. And if you don’t use this method for cleaning now, you should definitely give it a try, and it’s really easy to do. I recommend it because the dust falls from top to bottom. Therefore, when you wipe something, you will obviously drop nuts from top to bottom.

If you don’t want to just clean the counter just to clean the closet, and then all the debris in the closet falls on the clean counter, don’t do it again! Who wants to clean the surface twice?

Now, when working from left to right or right to left, you only need to choose consistent. This means you will never skip this place. In this way, I know that every corner of every room will be tidy because I work in this consistent way. This way, when you clean up, you always know that you have a model to remember and everything is done very efficiently.

In this way, I did not run back and forth, it was a waste of time, and made a lot of changes. Therefore, the next time you want to clean a specific room or space in the room, get all the products and tools you need in advance before cleaning.

2- Let A Product Stop Or Sit For A Certain Period Of Time

This has two main effects:
The first is that the product will clean things that it only takes time to complete the job, so it is a bit like hair dye, you can’t just pour the dye on your hair and wash it off, and expect a new color, she has to sit down , The work must be done, so the cleaning products are the same. So, use a certain product, spray it on the surface, put it down, then the product can be made into a sink, and then wipe it, you will get these excellent results, which is suitable for DIY products as well as products purchased in stores.
The second reason this is important is that if the product type disinfects the property, it will take five to ten minutes for the product to kill the bacteria. If you use this product, please apply it for a few minutes first, and then wipe it clean to get the required cleaning and the required disinfection.

3-Start With The Safest And Mildest Product,

If necessary, especially for people with children, asthma or allergies to pets, please pay special attention. I find that many people just go under their kitchen sink, or wherever their little cleaning board is, they grab any product or super powerful product just to clean them. They think it is so dirty, the truth is that your house may be much smaller than you think. So, this is good news. Gentle products can usually do a lot of cleaning.
If you encounter a situation, for example, your surface is very oily, or someone is sick on the toilet floor, then you want to use the most powerful product, but in most cases, please use mild products and environmentally friendly products. Effective and good, and you can try this cleaning.

4- A Good Idea Of ​​The Importance Of The “Level Test

When you raise your head and look directly at something, it doesn’t always look dirty, but when you squat down and look with your eyes, you get a completely different story. So when you clean up, step up the game, then squat down to check the area at eye level,

5- There Is The Famous Motif “S”

The “S” mode is a very interesting thing. When I started cleaning, I was doing circles, because that is what I thought you should do, you know how you think about mom or what you see someone doing on TV, that’s what you think, it. This is not your way of cleaning. Therefore, when I learned the “S” model, it completely changed my results, I will tell you why? When cleaning such a surface, wipe it dry with a clean cloth, Then wipe clean…dirty…with a clean surface, and continue to do so. So now you pick up the dirty rag and put it back on a clean surface so that you can get streaks, get marks, and it takes more effort than to get a squared result.

If you use the so-called S mode, that is, start from the upper right corner and the corner of the curved surface, swipe completely to the left, and then zigzag! The S mode is very interesting. You get less stripes than the workload, which is actually half the difficulty of your work.

6-Makes Something Tidy.

If you spend an hour cleaning something so that there are no more dust or bacteria on the surface, it still looks messy. If you put these items away, it will make any surface super clean, clean and pleasant. Therefore, you not only now have a clean surface, but also a neat surface. Therefore, your space is super clean.

This is what you need to do to find items: stack them, organize, organize, and align everything with the edge of the surface on which the item is located (parallel to the edge or perpendicular to the edge), so that you have those nice and clean Right angle, very pleasing to the eye, and looks great.

Therefore, what I want to tell you is how to clean it up without spending all the time cleaning it up. Please perform other operations besides cleaning up now.