15 mistakes you usually make when washing your clothes

Doing laundry is one of the chores around the house that we do most frequently. But you have wondered how many mistakes we can make when washing your clothes.

We all like to have clean clothes, but we also like that it maintains the good quality of the fabric, that it shines if necessary and that of course, it smells good.

It does not seem difficult to do the laundry: select the clothes, put them in the washing machine, and activate them. This includes pressing the buttons on the washer, and voila.

But although it is not difficult to do it well at all, it hides some tricks that not everyone knows.

Small details make the difference between a good job and a superb job because when it comes to washing machines, it is the same.

For example, you should be careful with tennis balls in the washing machine, among other details.

For our part, we are going to see 15 mistakes that we usually make when doing laundry, if you avoid every one of them, you will quickly notice that your clothes stay much better.

1. Separate the clothes

Not only do we have to separate the clothes by color so that they do not fade, but we must also pay special attention to the type of fabric of the garments.

For example, towels should not be washed with synthetics, and wool clothing should be washed separately.

Of course, you should know how to put the washing machine, so you need to keep reading.

2. We rub more than necessary

To remove a stain, many times we dedicate ourselves to rubbing vigorously and it is actually a mistake.

We must treat the stains delicately, so as not to spread the dirt.

It is best to dampen it carefully with a cloth.

This over-rubbing is a common mistake, and you have surely wondered whether or not you should do it, as well as the unknown about how many times you can use the washing machine per day.

3. More detergent is not more cleaning

Too much detergent can be a mistake, and it is usually a very common one.

Detergent produces a lot of foam, an excess causes dirt in some areas to remain, such as on shirt collars, for example.

4. Zipper open or closed?

Always wash clothes with the zipper closed, not so much because a garment can fall apart, but because the teeth of the zipper can damage other garments in the wash.

And of course, you must take care of both the washing machine and your clothes when washing them.

5. Buttons buttoned or unbuttoned?

Unlike the zipper, the buttons must be undone during washing.

If they are fastened, they can exert pressure during the cycle and cause them to fall or wear the fabric.

6. Beware of bleach

Make excessive use of bleach when washing your clothes may affect the quality of the garments, making them less resistant.

Some garments do not even tolerate bleach much, so it is best that you also take into account the washing instructions for each type of garment, that way you will not be risking them.

7. Bathing suits, well away from the washing machine

Do not be lazy, swimsuits, bikinis, etc. they are hand washed.

Both swimsuits and any lycra garment must be kept away from the washing machine if we want it to last.

So be aware of this mistake and avoid it at all costs.

8. You don’t have to let your washing machine rest

Nothing happens to put several washing machines in a row, in fact, you save more energy so putting one a day, since the heat emitted by the previous cycle is used.

This is something that many do not take into account, like tennis balls in the washing machine, of which you must be careful.

9. Wash pillows and blankets

Anything with feathers inside can be machine washed, not once, but twice.

And the feathers keep the soap with a single wash, so it will have to be passed through the washing machine twice to make it look good.
Keep this tip in mind, and this way you will ensure that the pillows are really washed.

10. Clutter of clothes

When the cycle ends and we are going to hang the clothes, all the clothes have become pineapple and it has been organized chaotically.

But why do you also put it chaotically?

The best you can do is put the socks and small items first and then the rest.

The result is satisfactory, check it out. You will see that it is worth taking the time to separate the clothes and group them by categories, as well as putting them well in the washing machine.

11. When not to use fabric softener

The softener causes fabrics to reduce their absorption capacity, and that is what we are least interested in about a towel.

So keep this tip in mind and you will keep your towels always functional, thus achieving the goal of drying with them.

12. Avoid filling the washing machine

If we put too many clothes, the washing will be less effective. It is preferable to put two washing machines in a row than just one too full.

As soon as you start doing it this way, you will make your clothes always look cleaner.

13. Tennis balls for your jackets

Yes, the complement we need to properly wash our down jackets is tennis balls.

This will prevent the feathers from turning into little balls and help absorb all the foam.

But you must bear in mind that tennis balls are ideal for washing clothes, and above all use them to wash the jackets as we are indicating and not for another type of garment.

So washing machine tennis balls is a good combination in these cases.

14. Expensive detergents for troubleshooting

Traditional methods work and are much cheaper.

Most of the time we pay more for the brand than for how effective detergent is.

For this reason, remember: salt gives shine to your clothes, chalk helps to eliminate grease and lemon scent and softens clothes.

15. Take care of the washing machine

You don’t have to treat her like a queen, but you do have to keep her looking good.

Wash the compartments where you put the detergent and fabric softener, let them air inside, and occasionally cycle with hot water and white vinegar.

That way you will have a washing machine for a while and you will save yourself having to frequently renew or repair it.

Remember that she is your ally, so treat her as such.