10 Mistakes a Mother Should Avoid When Raising a Child

Mistakes a Mother Should Avoid When Raising a Child
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Many mothers and fathers strive to avoid the usual or recognized mistakes in raising children so that the child will enjoy good mental health and be raised properly, but with all these efforts do not prevent them from make mistakes that have a big impact on a child’s psyche, but they may seem simple or insignificant in their actions So here are 10 common mistakes parents make when raising children that you should avoid. We will focus on the mother for her pivotal role in the upbringing of the child and her contribution to the modification of her behavior:

# 1- Don’t transfer your nervousness from other situations in your relationships with your child:

mistakes a mother should avoid when raising a child 000
mistakes a mother should avoid when raising a child

The mother should keep in mind that children are not to blame for the stress she goes through, which makes her tense and nervous.

# 2- Being nervous exposes the child to mental illnesses:

Mothers should remember that scientific studies have shown that the child’s exposure to family anger, beatings and nervousness makes them more likely to suffer from serious mental illnesses due to depression, tendency to suicide and a desire for solitude.

# 3- Do not insult the child and do not yell at him:

At the start of each day, the mother can make a commitment not to insult her child, no matter what mistakes he has made, not to constantly hit him, and not to yell or quarrel with him.

# 4- Continuous movement and activity is evidence of good health.

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The mother should always remember that her children are still at the stage of exploring the world around them, and it is natural at this stage that they enjoy activity and excitement and have a lot of curiosity and desire to continuous movement and activity, and she must be happy because her child is healthy and can explore the world around her.

# 5- To play, prepare a place far from sources of danger:

In order to prevent children from provoking it and making a mistake that endangers them or damages something in the house, it is important to prepare a suitable place for them away from fragile objects or sources of danger to their life, so that children play safely and without his nerves were strained.

# 6- Pretending to be inattentive is sometimes necessary:

If one of her kids makes a simple mistake that doesn’t endanger her life, she can pretend she didn’t notice what he did.

# 7- The purpose of punishment is to correct the behavior and not to torture the child:

If the child notices that she has seen him, she must take a stand, otherwise he will think that what he did was right, but the mother must change his position before starting to punish him in order to be calmer. Here, she must remember that the purpose of the punishment is to correct the behavior, not to torture the child.

# 8- Try to control emotions and reinforce them with a reward:

If the mother is successful in controlling her emotions in the face of or provoking the child’s mistakes, she can reward herself to stimulate her to control her nerves and not succumb to anger.

# 9 – No desperation of repeatedly trying to control the nerves when it fails:

If the mother has failed to control her nerves once or twice, she shouldn’t give up and think that she is a failed mother or desperate to be calmer, but she should calm down and say that if she fails this time, it will then succeed time.

# 10 – Congratulate the child in front of his father:

It is important for the mother to show the positive aspects of her child and to praise him when he does something right or notices that he has learned from his mistake and has not repeated it, and it is important to say to the father (in the presence of the child) that the boy acted in the correct way and showed it with him, in order to encourage him to continue the good behavior.

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