10 (easy) tricks so that order reigns in your house

These days when we spend more time at home than ever there is something that has become crucial: order. It is not only a priority issue for hygiene but also our mental well-being. With these keys, you will be able to keep clutter at bay.

1. Say goodbye to the feeling of chaos with small gestures

Ventilate ten minutes after getting up, making the bed, scrubbing the dishes after cooking… It seems obvious, right? But it is that sometimes if we do not have visitors, we can fall into neglect. Nothing about that! Get into the habit: experts say that if you do something for 21 days in a row, that action becomes habitual, so incorporate these actions into your day-to-day life and you will see how your home (and your life) improves.

2. Fight the pockets of disorder

First, identify the places or corners of your house that are authentic magnets of things. That disaster drawer, the table where you put the letters that arrive, books or random things, the hanger at the entrance … Each house has its particular focus of disorder. Identify yours (or yours) and reach out to them. Empty, discard and, finally, classify. Assign a place for each thing and that each thing has its place.

3. Tidy up your pantry and your fridge

These days it is essential to review our pantry to better organize our online purchases or minimize trips to the supermarket. To do this, organize your pantry with practical tricks. Take it all out. Sort by use. The most perishable, ahead, so that it does not expire. What you use the most, by hand. Then, make a weekly menu and a list of what is running out. Use glass jars to store non-perishable items, such as pasta, rice, cookies … You will avoid plastics and, by the way, you see what you have at first glance.

4. Organize your laundry

We live in a time when hygiene is paramount to health. And it seems that washing machines are multiplying at home. Organizing your laundry will make you minimize efforts and carry out more efficient washing. Use a bucket with separate colored and white clothes. If you do not have two buckets, one for each type of clothes, put a large bag in the bucket and put the white clothes there, so you will have them separated, they will not mix colors and it will be easier to put washing machines. Tend and do not accumulate clean clothes. Iron one day a week and then store in the closet.

5. Advocate for minimalism

It is a drawer. The fewer things you have, the less you will have to clean and the more sense of order in the environment. Minimalism will become your great ally for the best organization of your home. You know, the first rule of every order guru is, first, discard. What you don’t wear or don’t make you happy, see you later.

6. Bookcases and shelves at bay

Organize your books by color, theme, or alphabetical order. There is the aesthetic trick of turning the spines and exposing the pages; a monochromatic solution to add a sense of order to the environment. With music and movies the same. Group your decorative objects three by three, a tip that our stylists always remind us of. Trios work in decoration.

7. Eye to the work table

Desks have become the office of many. Important: the state of your table reflects the state of your mind. So keep the surface as clear as possible and only have in view what you are wearing at the time. Help yourself with sorting trays, jars for pens, pencils, etc, a good drawer for non-daily use office supplies …

8. Your house is not a toy store

If you have little ones at home you will know how difficult it is for your living room not to look like Toys are us. Make them accomplices of order. Take out a game, use it, and then save it. Set this mechanic if you don’t want to be gobbled up by multiple legos, Playmobil, and board games. That they have containers to store their toys with names or labels by theme; you will make it easier for them. And before the bath, pick up. The living room or your bedroom at night should recover its real functions.

9. The toilet collected

This pandemic has highlighted the importance of good hygiene. And the best place to practice good health habits in the bathroom. The sink should not be invaded by a thousand bottles (some expired, he confesses). Empty, toss or donate and sort. Organize things in baskets or on shelves, a closet or dresser. What you use the most, front. If you put the towels on the heated towel rail, you will always have them close at hand and warm.

10. Take advantage of updating your wardrobe

Empty, clean (damp cloth and essential oil droplet), throw / donate, and sort. By colors, by garments, Marie Kondo method… Take the opportunity to make the change of season thoroughly and with meaning. It’s the moment! And a tip that will transform your closet instantly: use the same hangers, ideally made of wood. It will give an incredible harmony to the interior of your closet.